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Five Best Mountain Bike Seats

Updated on April 7, 2016

Mountain bike seats - make the right Choice.

In this article we are going to be looking at the best mountain bike seats. A new seat, often referred to as a saddle, can make all the difference to you when your cycling, being comfortable is one thing, but a seat has to do so much more. It becomes part of you, a more comfortable seat can reduce pain even before it starts. The way you ride is all dependent on the way that you sit, and the way you reach your mountain bike pedals. A more comfortable position will lead to an improved performance.

Bike seats are a bit like buying a pair of running trainers . Buy the wrong one and you get problems. Buy the right one and set the mountain bike saddle height correctly and you will be flying. Each individual person must set the saddle up to their own requirements. Quite often a good seat can give you discomfort purely by not being set up correctly.

There is quite a wide range of bike seats on offer and in this review we will be looking at mountain bike seats only. There is a big difference between a road bike and a mountain bike so the seats have to match the particular style of riding your doing. In essence the faster you cycle the slimmer your bike seat should be. But you should always by a seat that has good design, offers you as an individual the right amount of support, taking your age and weight into consideration.

Planet 5022 bike seat.
Planet 5022 bike seat.

Planet Bike Men's 5022 A.R.S. Anatomic Relief Bicycle Saddle

In any mountain bike seat review you have to offer a seat that is both comfortable and supportive. The Planet bike seat is made for those mountain bikers who do two hours every now and again. This seat is made for comfort and for those who put a lot of weight on to the saddle as opposed to those that race and have their weight shifted further forwards, with more weight on the pedals and handlebars.

There is a deep channel down the centre of the seat for air flow and to allow each of the side sections to move freely as the rider shifts their hips from side to side. It's called an ARS anatomical relief saddle because that is what is does. The seat has been manufactured to fit the contoured shape thus bringing pain relief and the avoidance of numbness.

The seat has two cushioned sections for extra support, is made from a combination of leather and lycra material and I can recommend this to all of those who over time have enjoyed being out on their bike but have been put off by the next day soreness.

Serfas E-Gel Dual Density Women's Bicycle Saddle
Serfas E-Gel Dual Density Women's Bicycle Saddle

Serfas E-Gel Cruiser Bicycle Saddle

Men and women have different anatomies so it is only right that the manufacturers make specific saddles for both men and women. I have included this Serfas as it has a gel top for added comfort. Many riders prefer a little extra comfort when there on there bike so having a gel seat which are really comfortable in my opinion is an added luxury. Serfas saddles contain 30 % more gel than other makers so your comfort is assured. The design is such that down the centre of the seat air flows to aid keeping cool.

The material of this saddle is why this particular women's seat made it into the review. The covering material is made from Soflex, a modern stretchy material that gives a seamless optimum feel between the seat and rider.

Outerdoo man bike seat
Outerdoo man bike seat

Outerdo Bicycle Saddle

In a review like this there is always going to be one that sticks out above the rest. The Outerdo is a true competition mountain bike seat. It is sleek in design, well manufactured has a dual desity base. This seat would be great on a road racing bike or competition mountain bike equally. Very comfortable and will bring relief even on longest journey's.

A well made cover made from Lorica which maximises comfortable and durability, this seat has been called the "couch" because it is so comfortable. Is available in Black, Black and Silver or Brown and White. (as shown)

For what you get with this saddle, comfort, design, high tech cover it is a bargain and I strongly recommend it to any mountain biker wanting an upgrade to a better saddle.

Bell mountain bicycle seat
Bell mountain bicycle seat

Bell Mountain Bicycle Seat

In another review on mountain bike helmets I said that Bell was a very good manufacturer of cycling accessories and that is the reason for there inclusion in this review.

This bike seat offers affordability, good design, is well made with practical materials for added comfort for those who are on a budget or seeking an up grade from there present saddle to something with a little bit more. This saddle is a no-fuss type of saddle giving the rider who uses their bike for roads, pavement, trails and a small amount of off road.

The saddle has a relief channel down the centre for added air flow and to keep pressure away from sore areas. There is thick padding for your added relief while your out enjoying your biking. This bike saddle I can recommend for it's outstanding durability and comfort.

WTB Pure V bike seat.
WTB Pure V bike seat.

WTB Pure V Race Bicycle Saddle.

WTB ( Wilderness Trail Bikes) is an American company based on the West coast in California. Founded in the 1980s they soon began producing great products for the cycling industry, with comfort and innovative designs.

This saddle is one of their best sellers, again it has a channel down the centre which WTB calls the " love channel" has extra comfort built in with silicone gel so you can feel really comfortable out and about on tracks and trails, mixing in some gentler slopes for your added enjoyment.

The weight of this saddle is excellent at 350 gms this is made up of light hollow chromoly rails that support the seat. An ideal mountain bike saddle aimed for those seeking comfort, support and pleasure.


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