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Five Best Mountain Bike Tires for Dry Weather.

Updated on April 6, 2016

This article looks at the best mountain bike tires for dry conditions. Below are what I consider to be the best five mountain biking tyres at the time of writing. Although the basic design concept of mountain bikes have basically been created for off the road use. The most suitable mountain bike tires on your bike will allow you to go to far-away places away from the city. Having the best dry weather mountain biking tire on your mountain bike will allow you to travel on all terrains. They have been manufactured for both strength and durability. Dry weather tires have been produced for fast speed across dry desert conditions, although they are suitable for any forest trail which is totally dried up. The tread has been designed to clear small amounts of dust and stones to clear freely and not to hinder your speed.

However, your choice of MTBs must depend on where you going to use it. If you buy an all-terrain MTB that has sport features but you will only use it in towns, then you may just be throwing away the bike’s expensive features. But if you are using a MTB with a sleek slimmer design and smooth tires and using it for climbing high terrains and tracking mountain paths, then you will be putting your bike and yourself at risk of suffering an injury. In other words, your choice of mountain bike and your choice of mountain bike tires will depend on the surface, topography and climate where you will be using it.

We know that the wider, bigger and more rugged patterned bike tire are better on mud, loose soil, slippery rocks and other surfaces that are wet or loose. They are designed to be sporty, have bigger and wider spikes for surer grip. On the other hand, MTB tires for dry conditions are a little the opposite. They're slimmer and thinner, for faster travel on dry pavement or on the city roads. Mountain bikes must have tires that can adapt to different types of terrain. MTB tires for dry conditions are nevertheless slimmer but they must also have narrow spaced knobbules which help grip and give excellent traction.

To show you which five mountain bike tires you should choose for dry conditions, check out the ones below for your mountain biking needs.

Michelin Mountain Dry2 26 x 2.30 Black 60 tpi

Hit the roads with these durable and dependable black, rubber tires with XCR Dry 2 Tread Pattern especially suited for dry and hard terrain. If you’re one to spend most of your biking in the said areas, these tires are just some of the best you can get. There’s nothing like getting the right pair of tires to ensure your convenience and safety.  They contain carbon in the rubber mix for a tougher tread and better control so that you don’t have to worry about getting flat tires or slipping. Furthermore, the tires come in heavy-duty casings and large knobs that make for miles of excellent traction and speed. A TPI of 60 gives the tires low rolling resistance and less noise. You’ll feel like cutting through the breeze anytime.

Kenda K908 Pathfinder Wire Bead Bicycle Tire, Blackwall, 26-Inch x 1.95-Inch

These superb mountain bike tires are among the leading kind when it comes to comfort. True to their name, Pathfinders are excellent companions for dry surfaces, asphalt roads and dirt roads. The wire beads give these tires a sturdier structure in addition to high-quality rubber. These tires also feature tougher treads on the sides so you can ride them with confidence whenever you need to get off the road and onto rougher areas sometimes. Before you think about having to worry about the effort of fitting them onto your bike, note that Pathfinders maybe tough material, yet they are easy when it comes to fitting. They also allow for up to 65 pressure-per-square-inch (PSI) so you get more speed, less rolling resistance and less noise.

Hutchinson Piranha Tubeless Light Mountain Bike Tire


These tires come from one of the most popular names when it comes to mountain bike tires and they are just as vicious as they sound – in durability and manageability – especially on dry, hard packed land. They are sturdy and reliable; they can take you miles and miles through paved roads and trails. Each tubeless tire is made up of rubber and latex that account for superior strength for the bead and for the pressure - no more pinch flats. These tires also have a semi-slick tread pattern that decrease rolling resistance and noise for better biking experience. The tough knobs on the bead provide excellent traction for corners. Plus, Hutchinson Piranhas are light and foldable for less rotational weight and easier fitting.

Kenda K838 Slick Wire Bead Bicycle Tire, Blackwall, 26-Inch x 1.95-Inch

These tires don’t only look smooth, but they’re also actually smooth on the road. Tear through dry, hard packed areas with these tires specially designed for strength, speed and control. The beads contain hoops of strong wires for superior durability. The treads are patterned after respected motorcycle tires giving these Kendas low rolling resistance and excellent traction. Whether you’re going down a long, straight road or a winding path, these tires won’t let you down. The directional grooves add to the tires’ low rolling resistance as well as effectively direct run-over water to the sides of the tread. These tires are also light and can allow from 40 up to 65 PSI which makes for a smoother and faster biking experience.  

Michelin XC Dry2 26x2.20 All Black Wire Bead

With treads patterned after Michelin XC cross-country racing tires, these Michelins are just perfect for loose and packed dry paths. They’ve got high-quality, durable black rubber that can withstand dirt and gravel; you can take them on hard dirt or asphalt. Underneath are steel wires that make for a sturdier structure. The treads feature a dense pattern that gives the tires low rolling resistance, and therefore, smoother and faster running and less noise. The tires have an allowance for inflation pressure of up to 58 PSI. This equips the tires for speed. So you don’t only run long-distance noise-free, you also run fast. These tires also provide excellent traction for better control. So not only do you get more miles, you also get a better grip on safety when you get a hold of these tires.


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