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Three Informative Websites on the Full Time RVing Lifestyle

Updated on March 5, 2015

Full time RVing is a lifestyle of its own. There is much to learn about this new way of living on the road. Before deciding to take on this adventure, it was a priority to gain as much knowledge as possible to see if this was a good fit for my husband and me.

There are many books available regarding the subject of full timing, but the most up-to-date information came from websites created by current full timers. These countless sites have much to offer in personal and technical experience, however we found ourselves revisiting a handful of websites, coincidentally with large readerships, that offered transitional and daily RV living advice for wannabes and current full timers, alike.

These websites helped set the springboard we needed to pack-up and move on with our mobile dream. Each one is unique and helpful with essentials and tidbits about full time RVing.


Linda and Howard began full time RVing in 2005. Their journal, a very honest and engaging account into their personal lives, chronicles their journey from the day they decided to live the lifestyle, despite their lack of experience with RVs. Their story about how they got started and related entries was instrumental in keeping us excited and motivated while in the planning process. Almost ten years later, the husband and wife power team have a trail of roadside adventures, tidbits on RVing basics, and a slew of businesses that keep them traveling and connected to the RVing community.

A few times a year, Linda and Howard host week-long RV Dreams Educational Rallies, held at RV parks with hook-ups or out-of-the-way boon docking locals. Daily itineraries include seminars on choosing an RV to financial aspects to maintenance troubleshooting. Rallies are very interactive and promote camaraderie with icebreakers and socials sprinkled throughout each day.

In addition, the couple teaches classes around the country at other RV related conventions. They consistently promote or write reviews on RV products (which we have purchased through their affiliate links) and campgrounds. A live forum is included on their site with many useful responses addressing full-time RVing questions and concerns. Linda and Howard have been featured on local news stations around the U.S. regarding their journey and accomplishments in the full-timing life.


Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard are the brains behind Technomadia. As their website name proclaims, they are technologically savvy and earn their living on the road as software developers and advisors. The couple has been on the road since 2006 in a number of recreational vehicles. Their latest is a decked out bus conversion and they have meticulously documented it’s creation and service projects in the “Our Travels” section of their webpage.

Technomadia is busting at the seams with tips and tricks on the full time RVing lifestyle. They have an ebook which details the steps of beginning the lifestyle (a popular series among novice RVers, including myself) and an assortment of articles and video chats that delve into many RVing topics. Their advice is straight-forward and only speaks to realistic expectations, as they have experienced themselves.

In addition, Chris and Cherie have created a line of products including a book about mobile internet service. Additional products (apps) assist traveling folk with internet coverage, public land boundaries, and state laws.

Workers on Wheels

One of our biggest concerns about hitting the road was affording the lifestyle, maintaining a stream of income, especially with retirement miles away. Workers on Wheels, a website devoted to informing RVers about upcoming and current job openings in and around the country, was our first introduction to the concept of workamping.

Coleen Sykora, the editor of Workers on Wheels and a few more adjoining links, is a veteran RVer. Her website is catered towards this traveling demographic, allowing employers to advertise paid and volunteer positions. Coleen also includes personal businesses RVers can maintain while on the road. She includes these in a weekly electronic newsletter dubbed WOW E-zine.

The site is practically wallpapered with a variety of additional articles that rummage through aspects of RV life and travel, subjects big and minute. Readers are encouraged to share their personal stories and experience, which Coleen showcases in many subsections of the site.


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