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Five reasons why Leicester City can win the Premier League

Updated on June 13, 2016

The thought of Leicester City winning the English premier league title this season would have been the greatest joke of the century several months ago. This idea now is gradually becoming a reality. With Leicester City bagging 60 points in 29 games, the thought of premier league glory by May, 2016 is now a serious issue to be considered. Ofcourse, there is a history of such in Europe, from Verona in Serie A in the year 1985 to the more recent glory of Wolfsburg in the year 2009 in Germany.

Leicester City's trophy campaign would be far different from anything ever seen in history if they bring the trophy to the King Power Stadium at the end of the 2015/2016 season. This Article will discuss the five reasons why Leicester City is the favorite team for the premier league title this season. They are:

1. Quality Streak:
The team has a quality streak. This has been noticeable for a long time. Even when they were struggling last season, their performance was brilliant. Now that they are winning and on top of the table, their performance has greatly improved. Historically, Leicester City has always had a good outing on the pitch. The trio of Jamie Vardy, Schlupp and Albrighton have been the best in terms of speed and runs in the premier league this season. In terms of goals, they have outscored virtually all the teams in the premier league, majority of them coming from Vardy and Mahrez.

2. Rivals Woes:

Another reason why it may be reasonable to expect Leicester City to win the premier league is that all rivals are falling from their previous quality. With the Defending Champion Chelsea lacking in form this season, coupled with the consistent failure of Manchester United and the drop in quality of Manchester City, it is reasonable to believe that Leicester City will win the premier league come May, 2016.

3.Rivals European Engagement:

One other reason to believe that Leicester City can lift the premier league is that their rivals are involved in the European Champions League and Europa League. Arsenal faces Barcelona in the Champions League while Chelsea has to worry about PSG. Manchester City is equally playing in the Champions League as well as Manchester United in the Europa League.This will give Leicester City more time to concentrate on the premier league campaign than its rivals.

4. Strength of the Squad:

Leicester City currently have a strong squad which includes the likes of Mahrez, Vardy, Okazaki a japanese international with 47 goals in 98 appearances. The team also has the likes of Danny Simpson, Christian Fuchs, Drinkwater and Ritchie De Laet. These are incredible players that can make the premier league title a reality.

5. Team Spirit:

One thing that makes Leicester City stand out among their rivals is their team spirit. There is no doubt that the team is driven by a collective goal. The fact that some of the players have been together for about four years also strengthens their team spirit.


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