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Five Reasons Why Adults Should Take up Martial Arts.

Updated on September 8, 2016

Why Should I Take up Martial Arts?

People often think of enrolling their kids in martial arts classes for the many benefits that can be gained, but what about the advantages martial arts training can have for adults? With the amount of changes that have taken effect in todays world the modern lifestyle is in dire need of traditional martial arts training. The list of gains that can be derived from martial arts training is vast, but here are five that may be relevant to the average Joe, or Jane, as the case may be.

Martial arts training is a great way to clear the mind.
Martial arts training is a great way to clear the mind.

Five Reasons for Adults to Train in Martial Arts

1. Improves Focus

Often, adults will lose focus after leaving school, changing jobs, or even going through a mid-life crisis. The structure and goal oriented nature of traditional martial arts training helps to give direction. It creates stability by encouraging consistency in training and can act as a handrail when all else in life seems to be falling down. During classes the outside world seems to fall away and there is nothing else but concentration on the task at hand.

2. Healthy routine

By implementing a schedule and enforcing punctuality traditional martial arts introduce a healthy routine to what can otherwise be a downward spiral. Adults can lack in self-discipline and traditional martial arts can help to build or reintroduce this to a person’s life. Having regular class times and consistency in training helps to create positive structure and creates good habits which contribute to leading a successful life.

3. Healthy body, Healthy mind

The average, modern human leads a sedentary life. Most of the day is spent on a chair at the office, evenings on the couch and nights lying down in bed. People can’t understand why they put on weight, lack energy and cannot concentrate. Traditional martial arts will invigorate the body by adding movement and exercise and awaken the mind by opening other avenues of thought.

Due to the nature of activity involved in martial arts training, adults will notice improvements in aerobic and anaerobic fitness. It builds strength, stamina and endurance. It tones and creates flexibility in the muscles. It strengthens muscles, bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments. It will help the overweight to trim down and the under-weight to make healthy gains.

Mentally, martial arts training is fantastic for stress relief. It is a healthy way to vent and let go of all the frustrations of the day. It takes a person’s mind to another place giving it a chance to break, reset and change the direction of thought. Adults often bottle things up and with no outlet the mental and, consequently, physical states are affected. Hitting things is a great form of therapy.

4. Creates leaders

Traditional martial arts, through its training methods, philosophies and goal oriented systems helps to create leaders. The hierarchical structure of classes helps to bring out, promote and nurture leadership abilities. Traditional martial arts focus on goal orientation will help adults to achieve in work and anywhere else they would like to excel.

5. Self-Defense

In today’s world violence is a reality. Training in martial arts will arm you with the confidence, strength, skill and will needed in a self-defense situation. Reputable martial arts schools teach practical and effective self-defense strategies to both avoid and, if necessary, physically defend yourself.

Focus in the Moment

Through training you will develop a stronger body and mind.
Through training you will develop a stronger body and mind.

Martial arts become a lifestyle and its lessons filter into our everyday lives. The training and philosophies can improve us in all spheres as human beings.

I recommend every adult to seek out a reputable martial arts school and note the positive gains for themselves.

Would you consider doing martial arts?

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