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Five Best All-Purpose Bike Tires

Updated on April 7, 2016

Mountain bikes are made for fun and off road transport, that's why they have strong frames and big mean-looking tires. Compared with your ordinary road bicycle, these bikes smack power. However, when riding becomes a pain instead of a pleasure, it doesn’t exactly feel powerful. One of the things to do to get your bike into tip-top shape for the road is to find the right tire for the activity you are doing.

Just to show you how the type of tires can make or break your ride, here are some few things that make tires so important. Different tires are patterned with different treads that have specific functions for different purposes. For example, tires with densely patterned treads are ideal for dry, hard packed terrain. Tires with no treads in the middle and with knobs on their sides fit paved roads best and tires with wide treads in the middle and wide knobs on their sides can work on the fiercest muddy and rocky regions. If you use the tires designed for paved roads on rugged land, you won’t get any good traction and you’ll endanger yourself as well as your good tires. These tires will be too light for this kind of land and they won’t give you much control.

If you use your large, heavy-duty tires for smooth roads, your bike will feel heavy and clumsy tO use. You don’t need to learn the pros and cons through trial and error. If your kind of usual biking area varies a lot like an unpredictable weather, you must use all purpose tires for your MTB. Here are five excellent all-purpose mountain bike tires guaranteed to provide you superb bike performance.

Kenda K838 mountain bike tire.
Kenda K838 mountain bike tire.

Kenda K838 Mountain Bike Tire

Since all purpose mountain bike tires can be able to track smoothly while can survive on any type of terrain, this Kenda XC just suits as an all purpose terrain tire. It has smaller sticky knobs that can go smoothly and fast on dry or wet hard surfaces and can take a strong grip as well when you encounter loose soil and mud. It has Dual Tread Compound that has a cornering grip and it can always hold on to something hard to avoid slipping and skidding. This is actually one of Kenda’s fast rolling tires in their premium line. You can ride on it on the streets and still better on off road conditions. Because the tire is sort of sticky as it has eight small rows and knobs, it is very quiet but fast on street pavements.

Maxxis Ignitor Mountain Bike Tire

These hot tires come from a respected name when it comes to high-quality mountain bike tires. Maxxis Ignitors boast of World Cup champion racers and nods from the most meticulous riders. You can be sure that these tires have been tested and proven for smooth to rough race conditions. Whatever the condition, you can surely count on these tires for excellent performance and they’re sure to last long. They’ve got wide tread patterns for low rolling resistance on smoother paths and pentagonal knobs on the side for reliable traction for corners and rougher terrain. Hence, you get the advantage of easy and noiseless travel as well as an excellent grip. With these tires, you get more for your safety and convenience.

Kenda Psycho Tire 26" x 1.95" Wire Bead BW - Available in different sizes.

Get psyched with these black wall tires that are great for weather conditions of all sorts and various terrains. Psycho tires are among those tires known for providing comfort. One of its perks is that you can use the front or rear tires and change the tread direction for any applicable condition. Whether it’s an urban or country setting, you don’t have to worry. You can even take these on gravel or ice. The black high-quality rubber makes them tough in their defense against punctures. These tires also have wire beads for a stronger, more reliable structure. They are solid and weigh just enough to give control and safety. So if you’re looking for a comfortable and reliable ride, you can trust these.

WTB Velociraptor Cross Country Mountain Bike Tire

These trusty tires come with a name big in mountain biking history for a reason. Aramid beads and high-quality DNA rubber provide dependable durability in addition to tread patterns as aggressive as these tires’ name. You can count on them to take you through cross-country, wet, dry, loose and rough terrain. These tires are also front/rear specific, adding to excellent control. The front tires are known to provide great control in steering, while the rear tires are known to grip the road firmly. With varying paths, including treacherous ones, you just can’t go wrong. These Velociraptors come in lightweight casings and allow inflation pressure of up to 65 PSI which also allow for smooth and fast riding. For easy riding on different regions and precise control, these tires are just perfect companions.

Maxxis Overdrive Hybrid Bike Tire

These nice tires are packed for long, rough rides. They’ve got grooved slick tread patterns designed to stand any weather or condition and provide good traction. Whether you’re on city streets or a dirt road, these tires are trustworthy. Each tire also has a Kevlar layer underneath which makes it tough against puncture hazards like broken glass and debris.

Maxxis Overdrives allow a maximum inflation pressure of 75 PSI for smoother, faster and more convenient traveling. These tires also give you a bonus for safety with reflective stripes which make them great at night biking. Aside from the great features mentioned, these tires are also easy to fit so as soon as you get them, you can hit the road on brand new tires in no time.


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