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Five Best Mountain Bike Tires for Wet Conditions.

Updated on April 6, 2016

Wet Weather Tires

Mountain bikes are primarily designed to be used for off road use and that is why they have adjustable gears, larger mountain bike tires with spikes and nodules and are built bigger and tougher to absorb the strain while people ride on them. But because of the versatility offered from mountain bikes they have now become the most popular bikes among urban and sub-urban dwellers.

Most people who love mountain biking in the outdoors, will use their mountain bike (mtb) in all weathers so it is important that they can ride on different terrains depending on their competence and on the reliance of a good pair of wet weather tires. It is a very important that you consider your mtb tires if you want it to cope with different kinds of surface and road conditions. For wet road conditions, you must use tires that are fit for road use. These tires are usually more heavily patterened with more knobby patterns for proper gripping the wet road. The better the grip of your mtb tires the safer you will be from skidding and sliding.

The knobby type or heavily patterened type of tire is now the most popular design among all aggressive tire designs because they dig well into loose ground and mud. They also offer excellent traction and grip on wet grass, asphalt or cement. Some mountain bikers prefer them on the front or on the rear while others want them on both ends of the bike. As a suggestion, if you want more grip during your twisting and turning, a tread patterned tire would suit at the front. If you want more traction when accelerating and more grip when climbing then you can use the same tire on the rear. As a rule, the wider and more space between the nodules the more resistance the better the grip. Wide space nodules also limit the accumulation of mud build up on the tires

Here are the five best mountain bike tires which you can use for your mtb during the wet season.

Panaracer Fire FR 2.4 Black Kevlar

This is a folding type Panaracer Fire tyre that features super stiff sidewalls and perfect for downhill and free ride during you cross-country mountain biking. It has a taller Fire XC tread design and stiffer knobs that are perfect for rolling and free riding on pavements that are wet. It is actually an all weather terrain tire so it won’t lose its performance no matter what the weather and terrain would be.

It is easy to mount and unmount without much resistance from its cords. This type of tyre has actually bigger body but you could be assured of a good grip because of its good tread design. You can use it in snow, mud, sand, loose soil and even in ice sheets and you would never lose you grip with it. It center lugs are nicely spaced and they also have little grippers on them that contribute to the grip you need. It is available in black or red at Amazon.

Maxxis Minion DHF UST Mountain Bike Tire

This was designed for excellent use in the NORBA downhill series. It has ramped knobs for low rolling resistance and also channel cut knobs to add grip on edges so you can have a straight control and precise turning on corners. Excellent as a front or rear tire as it has a directional and ramped knob design. You can also rely on it to perform well on hard pack surfaces, loose-over-hardpack or medium soil/ terrain.

If you want a consistent grip in all terrains, this model is one of the best as it has it's softest rubber compound and superior rebounding properties so whether you are going uphill or rolling down a hill, you will be in control. The increased flexibility in the tyre’s knobs can conform to all terrains and will not overheat or get deformed even in extreme weather conditions. You can have better balance between traction and can even maintain a good speed even on highly technical terrain.

Michelin Country Mud Tire (Black, 26x2.0)

If you want a hybrid type of wheel for your mountain bike that is suitable for touring and for any other type of riding conditions, this Michelin tyre can best suit all your requirements as an all terrain tyre. It is very versatile you can use it for your bike when riding in the city, on muddy trails and rocky mountains terrains.

You will not have any problems with its traction on mud, wet and gravel tracks because of its widely spaced but durable knobs. You can also avoid changing tires every now and then so you can just go right ahead and ride any terrain that is on your plan.I recommend this tyre as the best all rounder for multi terrain activities.

Kenda K850 Aggressive MTB Wire Bead Bicycle Tire, Blackskin, 26-Inch x 2.10-Inch

This tyre has a very aggressive tread design, it is perfect for trail riding and will have excellent grip in the mud and on rocky roads. It is made with a wire bead so this is a really durable MTB tyre.

It has also a superb grip on soft ground or sand because of it's design. The tire is perfectly made for mud and loose soil type terrains. It can also have an excellent traction on smoother roads as its knobs are smooth enough for city roads. So if you are looking for a tire that can perform as a dirt bike tyre and a city tyre, this Kenda tyre is recommended.

Maxxis ADvantage Mountain Bike Tyre

This tyre is unique because it has an opposing parallelogram knob pattern so it can have an aggressive grip whether you use it as a front or rear tyre for your MTB. It is excellent to use as well as a cross country tyre and perfect for climbing and braking because of its unmatched centre tread design that is ramped so that there is a very minimal resistance when going downhill and easy sure grip when going up a wet mountain. MT bikers like its rounded profile so it can go on smoothly all the way almost without any flat spots and this one of the favorites among professional mountain bikers because of its unique all terrain and all weather qualities.


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