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Floyd Mayweather Talent

Updated on September 20, 2009

How good is Floyd Mayweather?

Saturday, September 19, 2009 Floyd Mayweather, the undefeated welter weight boxer, took care of Mexico's Manuel Marguez easily.  The television show 24/7 showed Marguez drinking his own urine in effort to prepare for the fight.  According to the show, Marguez started drinking his own urine about seven fights ago.  He said on 24/7 that it helped him in his fights.  The drastic dietary move didn't play in Marguez's favor on Saturday night.

Floyd Mayweather puts me in mind of Muhammad Ali with the way that he brags and pumps up fights by putting his swag on public display and by at times asking more questions of sports journalists than they get a chance to ask of him.  Perhaps it is Floyd Mayweather's ability to put butts in seats and viewers in front of the television for HBO (the station that carries Mayweather's fights) that allows him to take over sports interviews.

Like Ali, Floyd Mayweather has a rare knack of pissing sports journalists and some boxing fans off to the point that they yearn for him to lose.  Yet, after 40 fights and more than a decade of professional boxing, it hasn't happened. 

But Saturday's fight was incredibly lopsided.  Floyd landed an amazing 59% of all the punches that he threw while Marguez only landed about 20% (if that) of the punches that he threw.  It's Mayweather's speed that makes it hard for opponents to land shots against him.  And even then Floyd taunts his opponents by grinning seconds after they hit him.

Saturday's fight was Mayweather's first in over 20 months.  He'd said he was retired nearly two years ago, but the ring came a calling and he started to train again months ago.  Fortunately Floyd's father, the man who had brought him to the ring and taught him the art of boxing when he was a young boy, was back in his corner.  Sometimes I wonder if Mayweather Sr.'s presence allowed his son to relax and gain a measure of inner peace that he hadn't fully experienced over the nine years that his father and he were at odds with each other.

Then again perhaps it was his time away from the ring that brought him back refreshed.  It might have been a combination of things, but Floyd Mayweather was ready to win the fight against Manuel Marguez from start to finish this passed Saturday in Las Vegas.  And he did just that.

When it comes to answering how good boxer Floyd Mayweather is in the ring, there are only a few welter and light weight boxers that come to mind as far as his peers go.  Sugar Ray Leonard and Sugar Ray Robinson lead that crowd.  But even they didn't seem to possess Floyd Mayweather's audience draw energy.  True.  HBO wasn't around when Sugar Ray Robinson was fighting and it wasn't as big as it is now when Sugar Ray Leonard fought.  Back then the heavyweight division garnered the boxing fan's attention.  Floyd Mayweather has changed that. It's almost as if the heavy weight division doesn't even exist right now.

What's next for "Pretty Boy" Floyd Mayweather remains to be seen.  A lot of folks want to see him fight Manny Pacquiao.  Shane Mosley would like to be an opponent of Mayweather.  No doubt any boxer sees the great payday that a fight with Floyd would bring because of his solid box office drawing energy. 

If Mayweather remains in the ring he will continue to keep boxing relevant in the eyes of sports fans.  After all, no other boxer appeals so widely to boxing fans.  Even those who are hungry to watch him lose can't help but to tune in and watch him fight.  He rarely disappoints. He has never lost a fight, not once and has scored 25 knockouts in his 40-0 boxing career.



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