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Fly Fishing Vest Reviews - Find The Best Deal

Updated on March 7, 2013

Redington Clark Fork Mesh Vest


Advantages Of Fly Fishing Vests

Fly fishing vests are an iconic symbol of fly fishing. Rarely will you see someone fly fishing without having a vest on. The fact is, they are just so useful. Fly fishing vests are basically a mobile gear platform, allowing each user to organize their fishing gear exactly how they like it, and then carry it along on a fishing trip in a comfortable fashion.

The reason that a mobile gear platform is necessary is because fly fishing is a mobile sport. Rarely will a fly angler stay in the same location for more than a few minutes. They are constantly moving, whether it be upstream or downstream. Fly fishing is an active sport. Leaving a tackle box on the side of the water just doesn't work well, especially when you consider all of the tools they need at their fingertips while on the water.

Types Of Fly Fishing Vests

There are many different kinds of fly fishing vests. Mesh vests are great for warmer climates. They are made of lightweight polyester fibers that breathe very well. These are a great option for summer fly fishing trips. There are also vests designed for colder weather fishing. These vests are integrated right into a rain jacket. They keep you warm and dry in cold, rainy climates, and also have pockets on the outside for easy access and storage of gear.

Fly Fishing Chest Packs

There has been a recent surge in chest packs for fly fishermen. These are a lot smaller and hold less gear, but are lighter and less bulky around the arms. They are designed to be more of a high-speed, low-drag gear platform than the vest. Fishpond and Simms make excellent chest packs, so if this is what you want, check with these companies first.

My Choice For Beginning Fly Fishermen

The fact is, not just fly fishermen use vests. They are so useful that even spin fishermen utilize them for storing small tackle boxes with cheap fishing lures in them. For any fisherman on the go that needs gear organization, a fishing vest or chest pack is the way to go.

Once you decide what type of vest you want (chest pack, mesh, jacket), then you should read some fly fishing vests reviews online. You will get to see what other customers liked and disliked about a specific model. Compare prices from different distributors to find the best deal. Remember to shop around, as this will help you save money on this purchase.

My recommendation on what fly fishing vest I like best for a beginner is the Redington Clark Fork Mesh vest. This vest is lightweight, breathable (since most beginners will stick to summer fishing), and has tons of storage space. Beginners tend to want to bring all the little gizmos and tools that they can, and this vest will allow you to do just that. Like everything else Redington produces, this vest is high quality and will last a long time. Priced right around $30, it is a great deal that won't break any fisherman's budget. Pick one up today if you are looking for a high quality vest for less.


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