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Fly Fishing in Iowa

Updated on April 13, 2015
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Carol graduated from Indian Hills C.C. with an AAS in H.I.T and an AA in Arts & Science. A Social Media Booster for Wine Diamonds Film.

Having fun making artificial flies.

How to......
How to...... | Source

The art of flies.

Yes, we bought a few flies but we also enjoyed our time together making flies. First, one needs to find out what type of flies the fish had been feeding off of and then the art of creating ones that resemble the real live flies.

Listed in the table of content below you will find some websites about tying Iowa flies.

Producing flies can be a great bonding experience, hobby or small business venture.

More about fly fishing in Iowa.

* Websites on how to make flies.

* Websites on where to go in Iowa to fly fish.

* Campground

* Video on fly fishing.

My experience of fly fishing in Northeastern Iowa.

One of my experiences was also climbing the walkovers in chest waders with attached boots, while carrying my fly fishing rod without falling off the steps. I might just be ready for the circus.

Once over the fence and fly fishing in the stream, I heard a familiar sound behind me. I turned around and yes, cows grassing in the distance. I grew up in Iowa so cows didn’t bother me. The thought of a bull worried my brain a bit, so this paranoid notion might have been the reason for me not catching any fish in this location.

We continued along the stream until I heard a voice that didn’t sound like the man that took me fly fishing. I turned around and was greeted by an extremely nice farmer that owned the land we were on. The two of us carried on a conversation while I continued to fly fish along the stream heading toward my friend. This went on for what seemed like an hour. During this time, the land owner had distracted me from my fear of a bull deciding he could out run me, while I was weighed down by my fly fishing outfit.

By this time, my companion joined us where we stood. We all visited for a few more minutes without fishing. The farmer wished us luck and then disappeared over the hill while my boyfriend and I cast our lines in the stream on our journey back to the walkover.

Learn more about Flies, Rods and where in Iowa to go fly fishing.

Information on Iowa Flies
Information about Iowa fly fishing.
Iowa Fly Fishing

Ready for fly fishing in Northeastern Iowa.

Following the trout stream.
Following the trout stream. | Source

Fly fishing in Iowa

Have you ever fly fished in Iowa?

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Share your story in the section below,

Where is your favorite fly fishing area and why?

What is your preferred brand of fly fishing equipment?

When is your desired time and month of fly fishing?

What was one of your most memorable times of fly fishing?

What do you like most about this sport?

Iowa Trout Stream

Fly fishing off the bank of an Iowa Farm land and in the trout stream.
Fly fishing off the bank of an Iowa Farm land and in the trout stream. | Source

The sport of fly fishing, alone, with others, or in competitions.

I didn’t catch a fish but my knowledge about fly fishing in Northeastern Iowa has grown, having the time to meet someone new and enjoying nature were all wonderful experiences for me.

Camping in Backbone State Park is a beautiful and quiet place.

And did you know, there is fly fishing Competitions? Check out the link below for the competition that was held in 2013 at the Iowa State Fair.

How to cast fly fishing style...

Not far from a small town called Strawberry Point.

Northeastern Iowa
Northeastern Iowa | Source

Iowa verses Montana

They were both great places to fly fish. My friend caught trout at both places but he has more years under his belt than I do. I did catch more than he did with the tour guide floating the Bighorn in Montana. The streams we fished in Northeastern Iowa were smaller streams than the one we were on in Montana. For those that have had their share of fly fishing in both states, which do you prefer, Iowa or Montana?

Richmond Springs in Backbone State Park

show route and directions
A markerBackbone state Park -
Strawberry Point
get directions

Richmond Springs

B markerStrawberry Point -
Strawberry Point, IA 52076, USA
get directions

Richmond Springs

Improve the fly fishing experience.

Tell us where your secret spot.....

Once the word is out, it's no longer a secret.

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    • profile image

      Gwen 3 years ago

      I think similar to other envoirnmental issues, there can be conflict between the fishermen who depend on fishing for their livelihoods and fishery scientists who realise that if future fish populations are to be sustainable then some fisheries must limit fishing or cease operations.

    • profile image

      Isabel 3 years ago

      First I would like to compliment you on your Fly Fishing site. Finding good sites that can help save money on good quailty fly fishing gear is important with the economy the way it is. We want to save money so we can still go fishing.

    • Carol Reed profile image

      Carol Clarke Reed 3 years ago from Remote

      Natalie, thank you for sharing. Do you still live in Iowa?

    • profile image

      Natalie 3 years ago

      Sounds like you had fun. I grew up in Iowa, too, but I have an irrational fear of cows. It's the way they stare. I had a run in with a bull when I was camping in a pasture once, but I was afraid of cows long before that. Dealing with the large mammals when we're out fishing, or in my case, watching, is one of the challenges, I guess.