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Fly In Canada Fishing Camps

Updated on June 28, 2010

Fly in fishing is popular throughout Canada and makes a great vacation for those who love the outdoors and want to spend some time in nature. Flyin fishing trips allow you to see areas that are little touched by development or civilization as you fish for walleye, salmon, bass, trout, and other species. Fly in fishing trips consist of an outfitter flying you to remote waters to fish—places that cannot be accessed by road or boat. Some outfitters will provide a guided fishing trip at the location, while others leave you there by yourself and provide lodging for your stay. These fly in fishing camps are especially common in Canada, giving you a broad range of options for your fly in vacation. 

How to Choose an Outfitter

In most cases, you will need an outfitter for your flyin fishing trip. The outfitter that you choose can make or break your flyin fishing trip, so you will want to choose carefully. There are many choices throughout Canada, and most offer instruction for fisherman of all experience levels, from beginners to experts. A good outfitter should provide you with lots of advice about the area, and many offer services in addition to transport and lodging, including tackle and bait, and even cleaning services after the catch.  Look for an outfitter that offers a flyin fishing package that will suit your needs and experience level.

What to Expect From a Flyin Fishing Camp

Many people who choose to try this type of fishing elect to stay at a flyin fishing camp. This is an easy option, as most outfitters who provide your transportation offer packages that include your lodging. A typical fly in Canada fishing camp will consist of a lodge which will provide meals and entertainment for you and your family along with other guests. This sort of all-inclusive package eliminates the need for you to bring the mountains of gear and equipment needed for camping. Fly in fishing camps will also provide resources to make your fishing experience easier and more effective, including fish cleaning areas, fish packing and freezing, and freezers for storage. Some even include fishing licenses in your overall daily rates.

What You Should Bring to a Fly In Canada Fishing Camp

Being prepared for your stay at a fly in fishing camp will make your trip much more enjoyable. What you will need to bring will vary depending upon the outfitter you choose and the length of your stay. However, in general you should bring clothing for all weather, including waterproof clothing. First aid kits, flashlights, beach towels, and snacks are also necessities.

Image Credit: finchlake2000, Flickr


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    Pamela Oglesby 7 years ago from United States

    Great information for a fun trip to Canada.