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Fly In Fishing Trips

Updated on June 28, 2010

Fly in fishing trips can be a great vacation option for lovers of the great outdoors wishing to spend some time away from the computer or the television. Fly in fishing offers you a chance to experience natural settings that cannot be accessed by road or boat and fish great untouched waters. Fly in fishing is particularly popular in Canada and Alaska, where there are many such places. Fishermen often seek walleye, bass, trout, and other species of fish through fly in fishing.

Fly In Fishing in Canada

With so much undeveloped land and water, Canada provides an ideal location for fly in fishing. There are many outfitters throughout the country who fly fisherman into fishing areas where there are not any roads. The fishing season in most parts of the country runs from May to October, with July and August being the most ideal months since at this time, the water is typically temperate enough for swimming as well.

Most outfitters offer both air transport to the fishing area and cabins to rent during your stay, making a long fishing trip comfortable and enjoyable. Many offer sightseeing tours around water areas as well, offering fun even for those who are not avid fisherman. In the winter, some outfitters provide ice fishing equipment and snowmobile rentals, though availability varies depending on the weather and the safety of these activities.

Fly In Fishing in Alaska

In Alaska, salmon is the grand prize of the fishing world, though rainbow trout and steelhead can be caught in many rivers as well. There are many choices of guides for your Alaskan fly in fishing trip, and most offer instruction for fisherman of all experience levels, from beginners to experts. You can also choose a fly in fishing package from practically any outfitter that provides an all-inclusive experience, including tackle, bait, and cleaning the fish after the catch.

In most places in Alaska, you can choose the length of fly in fishing trip you want, from day trips for the family to week long trips for the ideal fishing getaway. You can also choose from boat fishing trips, including rafting trips, which can also give you access to remove areas.

Plan for Your Fly In Fishing Trip

As with any vacation, planning is essential. First, decide what kind of fish you would like to pursue and check out the areas with the largest populations. Contact several outfitters and ask detailed questions. Check their references. When you have selected an outfitter, book the dates of your travel. Ask what items (such as tackle, bait, or waterproof clothing) are provided and which you need to bring yourself. Then pack carefully for your trip of a lifetime!

Image Credit: zappowbang, Flickr


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