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Fly Tying the Foam Ladybug

Updated on December 25, 2015

The Fly Background

Fly tying is a creative and functional form of art. Sometimes you tie a fly just to see how close to the real thing you can get. This simple fly simulates a ladybug fairly accurately. Despite being tied on a size 20 hook, it is fairly easy to tie.

Materials and Technique

The following materials are needed to tie this fly:

  1. Orange foam, cut in a short strip that is 2mm thick and 5 mm wide.
  2. Black dubbing material - wool was used in this example.
  3. Black t-shirt paint.
  4. Clear nail polish.
  5. Black thread 8/0

The attached video demonstrates tying this fly in detail. One important trick is to cut a "V" notch in the end of the foam strip before you tie it to the hook. This reduces build-up on the hook and makes it easier to attach the foam to the hook initially.


I rarely fish this fly due its small size and given the type of fish I target. I live in central Florida were the fresh water fisheries are full of little panfish that easily hook themselves on a size 20 hook. Don't get me wrong, panfish are my favorite to fish for, I just like catching the larger ones, which necessitates larger hooks. This fly is, however, popular with trout fisherman. I have tied it for several individuals. It seems most popular for brook trout in small creeks found in New England.


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