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Fly Tying the Myakka Minnow

Updated on December 25, 2015

Myakka Minnow - A Florida Original

The Myakka Minnow is a fairly recent fly that is gaining popularity. It was developed by Steve Gibson while he was fly fishing for bluegills on the Myakka River in Florida. After an unproductive day on the river, he noticed that the bluegills were targeting very small minnows. He later tied up some Myakka Minnows and returned to the river. He had terrific success and the Myakka Minnow was born.

Tying the Fly

The original tie can be found at My tie is slightly deviated from the original tie in that I do not place halographic eyes on the fly, omit using epoxy, and I use red thread to finish off the head of the fly. I don't use halographic eyes because I am inherently cheap. Eyes on a fly are always a good idea, especially for bluegills. If you can bear the expense, tie the flies with eyes. As with the original tie, clear seal the entire body with epoxy to help seal the eyes on the fly. I like using the red thread to simulate gills.

Tying the fly is show in the linked video. The materials are simple:

  1. A size 10 hook, nymph 2X.
  2. Red thread, 6/0.
  3. Chartreuse marabou feather.
  4. Lead or lead free wire, fairly thin (0.015 inch in the video).
  5. Silver or gold braid.
  6. Nail polish to clear seal the thread wraps.

This is an easy tie. The only caution is to select a braid material that will bulk up the fly's body fairly well. Some braids lie flat and will require you to waste material trying to build up the body. Most of the time I follow the original pattern in that I cut the marabou tail into a fan shape. In the video I left the fail with a natural tail taper.

Fishing The Fly

As the originator of the fly discovered, this is a great fly when the bluegills and bass are chasing minnows. When I see small minnows jumping frantically out of the water from pursuing bluegills, I usually selected the Myakka Minnow. The results are usually good. This type of minnow action typically happens in the spring to early summer. The standard strip, strip, pause retrieve works well with most fish strikes during the pause. During the spring and summer, this fly is a staple in my fly box.

An added benefit of the fly is that it works well in both clear and tannic water. I have found that flashy materials work well in clear water, especially with direct sunlight. Chartreuse color works well in tannic water. This fly has enough of both colors to work both types of water.


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    • Tod Zechiel profile imageAUTHOR

      Tod Zechiel 

      2 years ago from Florida, United States

      thank you

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I was struck by the hoesnty of your posting


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