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Focusing Your Baseball Practices Can Help Develop Skills Faster

Updated on September 26, 2012

Focusing Baseball Practice

Many coaches' approach to baseball practice is frenetic. They cram baseball drills: hitting, catching, pitching and fitness, into every session, dedicating at most a sliver of time to each. While using stations can be an effective way to develop athletes' skills, when the exercises do not complement or elaborate on each other, the message can be lost in the noise.

To help your young baseball players develop and retain skills, the best way to run practices is to focus on a particular technique at a time. Rotate the activities among whole practices rather than trying to get a bit of them all into each.

This is a lot like looking at the big picture, which during a full season baseball coaches do all the time- one loss, or even a losing streak, does not mean a failed year, after all.

If your baseball team, for example, trains three days a week, you can drill hitting one day, catching/throwing the next, and fitness the third. Every coach knows there are hundreds of baseball drills for each baseball skill out there, so change up the players' activities. Be sure they have the proper baseball equipment. If they are struggling in a particular area, incorporate a quick recap or use it as a warm up during a followup session. The next week, repeat until they've mastered it.

In this way, you are building on skills through practices and over time, by forcing the athletes to recall what they learned a week ago. As they improve, you can either incorporate more difficult activities or new techniques entirely.

Your players will put it all together during games and fit the puzzle pieces themselves, providing an organic incorporation that can be a huge benefit. Rather than having a note mentality about when to use certain skills, these athletes can develop an instinct about the sport.


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