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Following the Chelsea Football Club

Updated on October 5, 2013

Premier League

There are many great teams in the English Premier League, but the Chelsea Football Club has managed to cultivate a strong following. It is based in the Fulham district of London, so it has rapidly become one of the favoured teams among people in the city.

Chelsea F C

Chelsea have a rich history and have won multiple championships throughout their time in the English Premier League. They routinely perform well enough to retain their premiership, so you will be able to watch them matched up against many other top teams in the league. If you would like to become a fan of the club, you might be interested in reading more about their history.

About Chelsea

First, you should know a bit about how the football club was founded and what they have done up until this point. Throughout their history, they have won the title of the English Premier League four times. They have also proven to be very successful competing against other teams from around the world. They compete against many European teams through the UEFA champions leagues. They recently won their first ever UEFA title, defeating Bayern Munich 4-3 on penalty kicks. This actually made them the first London team to ever win this title, which has spurred on their popularity in the city. They have also been fairly successful over the past decade, cultivating a strong winning record against many other high calibre teams.

Founded in 1877

Unlike many other teams out there; the Chelsea Football Club has played in the same location since their founding in 1877. They play in the Stamford Bridge stadium, which was recently renovated in the 1990s. It has a large capacity, capable of hosting over 41,000 fans. The team is financially successful as well, being able to fill this stadium to capacity for many of its home games. This has contributed to their recent success on the field, since the owners feel compelled to field a potent team of football stars. Chelsea currently has the fifth highest all time fan support of any club within the English Premier League, which testifies to the resilience of their franchise.

Stamford Bridge

Unexpected Champions

No-one expected Chelsea to win the Champions league, as they did not do so well in the league that season, but they surprised everyone with a great win and going home with the cup.

Spurs were disappointed as they had finished fourth in the league, which would normally give them a spot in champions league, but Chelsea winning the 2012 title gave them automatic entry to the 2013 competition, so only three other English clubs could enter; the three at the top of the league.

Buying Tickets Online

If you would like to support the Chelsea team; you should consider buying tickets online, to one of their home matches. Many fans will be interested in buying a Chelsea ticket near midfield and close to play: This can be one of the best ways to enjoy the game as it unfolds in front of you. Chelsea have many rivals within the Premier League, including fellow London based team Arsenal. Think about checking for tickets that will help you watch some of these intense rivalry matches, since they usually prove to be entertaining games. Try to buy your tickets ahead of time, as this can help you get the best deal possible for any of the venues out there.

Chelsea v Arsenal

Chelsea -European Champions 2012

Champions this year?

Do you think Chelsea can win the Premier league this year?

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    • FootyPundit13 profile image

      FootyPundit13 4 years ago from London

      Do you think Chelsea will win the league this year? Because for me the return of the 'special one' has been extremely underwhelming and I don't think the Chelsea team are nearly as good as Arsenal, Liverpool or City. Maybe if they buy a decent centre forward in January and get Mata in the team but otherwise I think 4th or 5th looks likely.