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Following the Olympics

Updated on August 1, 2012

Swimming, gymnastics, running, and all the other summer sports that come out in the olympics. How many of you are looking forward to them? Everyone can say they are because it is a way to see how athletically trained each nation is. How many of you just like to watch it on tv when it comes on and you feel the excitement when the USA wins gold or even silver? Do you always go for team USA or sometimes the other nations that join the olympics? Do you have a favorite sport that you like to watch?

What sport do you find yourself watching more? When I watch the Olympics, I find myself watching swimming and gymnastics, there is an excited feeling that comes inside of me just when watching those two sports going on. Now when it comes to swimming, the way they move just to get the other side makes me wonder how much practice it takes to be able to swim at the speed that they are swimming. I remember as a child, I would watch the swimming part and it would be fun because I would cheer them on even though they couldn't hear me.

Gymnastics, there are many parts to it and that is what can be very interesting. Just watching how they have to balance on a single bar without falling off made my heart beat fast. When they fell, you would even feel for them. But it was good to see them get back on their feet to continue even though they knew they had already missed their chance at a medal.

These are the two sports that really kept my attention during the whole Olympics because the excitement that they brought. There is basketball, the running relay, and other sports like archery and even ping pong, I think. But the way that they can get nations together to compete with each other is good and it shows how good they can be and how well prepared they are when it comes to winning a medal.


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