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Football, Football and MORE Football

Updated on August 28, 2011

I Am NOT A Football Widow

On September 3, 2011, college football will begin! Actually, it will begin at 6:00 pm EST on September 1, 2011 when Murray State plays at Louisville. On Friday, September 2nd, #14 TCU will be the first ranked team to play. BUT on Saturday, September 3rd, LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!! Let me just say it, I LOVE college football. I especially love the Clemson Tigers. After all, Clemson is my alma mater. But I don't just watch Clemson. I will watch some game almost every night that a game is on. I will usually opt for teams or conferences I am familiar with but if I am not familiar with the teams playing that will not stop me. I will watch just about any team play. My husband will sometimes pass by and ask why I am watching two teams that are practically unknown in the South play. I can only respond that I just like college football and that most men would be happy to have a wife that actually enjoys watching football. I can watch it by myself, I can watch it with one or two others, or I can watch it with a group. It matters not to me.

The only thing better than watching college football on the television is being there in person. I don't get to do this a great deal due to a conflict I will address a little later in this hub. I have been known to attend South Carolina and Citadel football games in addition to Clemson games although I certainly prefer the Clemson games. It does not matter if it is before, during or after a game, I have a good time the entire time! Before the game is a good time to souvenir shop, tailgate and catch up with old friends. As for during the games, at the beginning of the season, it's fun to watch and see what players will be contributors and what players might not live up to the hype. By the middle of the season, it gets to be time to take stock of various teams' chances of postseason play in either conference championships or bowl games. Then by the end of the season, it is time to see who lands where. You know how it goes, sometimes your team fares well and sometimes not so much. Of course, after games there is always more tailgating, visiting and shopping to be done.

As if college football from usually about Thursday evening until late Saturday is not enough, Sundays and Monday night are reserved for the NFL. In recent seasons, the NFL has even blessed us with some Thursday night games. I will admit that I usually opt for college football though when both happen to be on. I have in the past, followed the Atlanta Falcons and the Washington Redskins because I lived near those teams. Nowadays, my allegiance is with the New England Patriots. My husband is a huge fan of the Patriots and has been since he was a child and grew up in New England. Our son has never been anything but a New England fan so that is the team we watch and cheer for. But I will watch other teams play on Thursday night and Monday night if New England is not playing and I will also watch other teams play on Sundays in the time slots when New England is not playing.

Now don't get me wrong. I don't sit down on the couch Thursday night and stay there through Monday night. I do shower and eat and go to work. I also do things around the house and in the yard. I can run errands during this time too. Radio is a great thing. Even when I am at the house, I often turn the television volume up so that when I hear the crowds cheering or the announcers get excited about a play, I can run back in the room and catch the exciting moment even if it means I have to do so on replay. I do usually make time to sit on the couch though if it is a Clemson or South Carolina game.

There is one other football league that is more important than the college or professional teams I follow. That league would be my youngest son's Pop Warner league. My oldest son's rec league games, and middle school and high school games always held the top spot too. This current Pop Warner league is the source of my conflict when it comes to being able to get to Clemson games. Clemson is about 2 to 2-1/2 hours from my home. Pop Warner games are on Saturdays. It seems that the older you get, the later in the day your Pop Warner games are. Each year it becomes harder to catch a Clemson game because my son's games start later in the day making it hard to get to Clemson in time for a game. It is really only possible if the Clemson game starts at 3:30 or later. But that's alright with me because I like the Pop Warner games best.

So, starting this Thursday, I can begin what I consider to be my favorite time of the year for spectator sports. I will be looking forward each week to what games are up next and I will get my fill of football from September through early February when the entire football season culminates with the Super Bowl. As the season wears on, there are fewer and fewer games. I guess this should be looked at as weaning you off of the football high you ride on for the first four months of the season. Like I said, I'm not a football widow. What I am is one of those crazy people who misses it the minute it's over and can't wait for the next September to roll around!


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