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Football League Android App Review

Updated on September 16, 2011

The Football League app for Android also doubles up as the official app for each English Football League club including large teams such as West Ham United, Leeds United and Bristol City Football Club. This is a relatively brief overview and review of this official football league app.

What is this app?

Put simply this is the official app for all football league clubs. Rather than produce a separate app for each club, the clubs have decided to team up to create one app which can be tailored by the user for their favourite club.

Who is this app for?

Put simply this app is for anyone who has at least a passing interest in any English Football League club and has an Android phone. Every club is included from Birmingham to Burton Albion and Preston to Plymouth.

What can be found on the Official Football League app?

The app has four sections:

  • My Club - For the favourite team there is a homepage which contains the latest couple of news stories, latest results and upcoming fixtures. There is a more in depth news feed for your favourite team on a separate page as well as a further page which has player profiles for the entire team.
  • Fixtures - Two pages of fixtures, one showing all the fixtures for club(s) chosen by the user and another showing the fixtures in user chosen competitions.
  • Tables - Tables for the Championship, League One and League Two as well as the Premier League.
  • Video - At the present stage it isn't possible to view this, but I would imagine when it is possible it will be tied in to the official 'Player' services offered by football league clubs and so a payment will be required to use this feature (making this a freemium app!).

Is the app easy to use?

The app is extremely easy to use. When starting up for the first time the user is prompted to select their chosen team via a simple pop up. Once this has been done, there are a number of prompts throughout the use of the app for the first time instructing how to navigate around the app. This is a very good feature and one I wish more Android apps would have. However, even without this feature it would be very easy to navigate around the app. Each of the four sections ('My Club', 'Fixtures', 'Tables' and 'Video') can be found along the bottom of every screen in the app. Each screen within each section is then found by swiping left and right. Stories etc are read by clicking on them, and then when finished the Android back button should be used to return to the previous screen.

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Is the official football league app recommended?

The football league app is highly recommended. It provides the latest information on your favourite club plus more in one simple to use app that is free to download and use with the option of a paid upgrade for video, match commentary etc. Furthermore, it even has app2SD enabled so even those with less space on their Android phone have no excuse to download.

Where can I get the app?

The app can be downloaded now from the Android Market here for free.


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