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Famous Football Players - Running Back Shaun "Touchdown" Alexander

Updated on July 22, 2012

Touchdown Alexander

My Story of Faith, Football, and Pursuing the Dream

Shaun Alexander, with Cecil Murphey

Shaun Alexander began playing football in middles school. He did not have the advantage of a moneyed family and pee wee leagues with their carpools. He worked hard with a positive attitude, ignoring those that were competitive for the wrong reasons, to become a legend at a young age, His story proves that it is possible, despite some opinions, to grow up with a single parent and become a success physically, financially, and spiritually. Alexander developed integrity and respect that other pros in football look up to and children love.

Seattle Seahawks Number 37 Shaun Alexander

Football Legends Helping Youth

Shaun physically ran a road toward success and won the prize at the end - ,the ability to to give hope to others for a good life. Looking at Shaun, one can see the opportunities that still lie within the borders of America -- if God is in your plans. Alexander feels he could not have come so far by himself, because it would have been physically impossible and he doesn't give credit to luck. Powerful, this sports star expresses his love for Christ.

It may be easy to be tempted to spend money foolishly or to become ill like Britney Spears, ruined by fame, fortune, and loneliness. Alexander has continued from childhood to focus on God, country, family, and friends. He recommends this to others without Bible thumping. His life is real.

This book is an easy going read to be enjoyed by adults, youth , children. Shaun does no boasting in this book, but humbly tells us that he declines the status of big-name sports star. He feels very bad that seven-figure contracts are wasted on drugs and woman as well as possessions. He is the cheerful leader helping ss youngsters to become astronauts, engineers, writers, and even sports stars.

He was chosen the NFL's MVP as a Seattle Seahawks running back in 2005. He achieved so many records, beginning in middle school that he was well known be the time his was in high school and famous as a college freshman.

Unsurpassed Records

Shaun tells us his life was blessed since birth in Cincinnati, Ohio and Florence, Kentucky. His father left early, but stayed in touch and attended the boy's football games. His mother brought his friends to church with them on Sunday if they were in the house from an overnighter - no options, but in a kind way. Breakfast and a happy church.

After becoming a legend at Boone County High School in Kentucky, Alexander earned the State of Kentucky Player of the Year award, but also excelled in school. He uses this fact to counsel youth to make education a Number One Priority. He won a scholarship to the University of Alabama. Successful enough to enter NFL Draft his junior year, he declined and but went back to college. Only a sprained ankle in one game that laid him up kept him from winning the Heisman Trophy. But he did not feel bad about it. Alexander still holds the Alabama rushing record and franchise records galore, but is still humble. He gives credit to God for his financial wealth and uses it to help youth reach their individual calling in life.

After a series of injuries resulted in his release from the Seattle Seahawks and the Washington Redskins, Alexander continued to write books and to work with the Shaun Alexander Foundation that helps families in three US States.

Greatest Running Backs

The Walk: Clear Direction and Spiritual Power for Your Life by Shaun Alexander; WaterBrook Press, 2010.

Shaun travels as a motivational speaker to businesses and the US military, at sports camps, in Community In Schools, at churches, and at Christian conferences. He is kn own as is a gifted communicator and Bible teacher


Words by Dustin Gratnik

Music by Ed King

[Sweet Home Alabama]

His wheels keep on turnin

'Carry him home to the end zone

Singing songs about the Big Man

We're in the playoffs once again, and I think we'll win

Well I heard Mike Holmgren thinks about him

When he needs to make the first down

Well I hope Mike Holmgren will remember

Southern Man will gain those yards anyhow

Sweet Shaun Alexander

37 jersey blue

Sweet Shaun Alexander

Super Bowl we're going to!

In Puget Sound we love the Seahawks

Make all the noise that we could do

Now other teams they do not bother me

The Washington Redskins, who?

Sweet Shaun Alexander

37 jersey blue

Sweet Shaun Alexander

Super Bowl we're going to!

Now special teams has got the Josh Brown

And he's been known to kick a ball or two

Lord they always split the uprights

They pick me up when I'm feelin' blue

Sweet Shaun Alexander

37 jersey blue

Sweet Shaun Alexander

Super Bowl we're going to!!!


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