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Football Maintenance Crew: Here is the Blood, Sweat, and Fears That you Never had

Updated on April 9, 2019
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I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

From each stripe to each blade of grass, each item has to be perfect.
From each stripe to each blade of grass, each item has to be perfect. | Source

Someone’s Gotta

do it. And I would just like to inspect the resume and application that was chosen to be a part of the Football Maintenance Crew. Just a part. And I would have been (in the younger yester years) of my life, so happy. All without fanfare, and all without a pack of photographers snapping away at every move that I would make—not during, but before The Biggest Game of The Season is going to be played this coming Saturday.

It’s high stakes, buddy! No mistakes. Error-free. All eyes are on the stripes and numerals and each small error is being recorded by thousands of human memory cells to share at the Big Game Party after the Championship Title Game is going to be played. I can hear the loudest drunk at the party yell, “And did you see the doofus who painted the 1-6 instead of (hic, hic, gulp) the 1-5? What a (hic,hic) doofus!” And that one boisterous declaration said it all. Hopefully, all.

Did you ever think in your wildest imagination that you would be sitting here reading about a Football Maintenance Crew? Last night, I would have laughed at you if you had called me (from West Virginia) to tell me about how talented the Football Maintenance Crew is at your hometown football stadium. While this is NOT at attempt to get laughs, I can tell you that “this” bunch of guys gals are some of the Elite, Top Tier Field Maintenance Crews in the USA. What crew? Any Football Maintenance Crew—even the High School level of Football Maintenance is so needful that if two of the crew members are out sick, then the football field will NOT look great. People who attend a lot of football games can spot a speedy-football maintenance job the moment when they see it.

No telling at the hours that (a) Maintenance Crew puts into ONE sporting event.
No telling at the hours that (a) Maintenance Crew puts into ONE sporting event. | Source

Were You Also Aware

that in most of the sports programs that are sold at any sporting event is NOT mentioned in word or photo of the Sports Field Maintenance Crew? You got it. I checked with my own football team in Hamilton, Ala., the Hamilton Aggies, and I saw the team, band, majorettes, cheerleaders, managers and flag corps, and NEVER seen one photo or name of the Maintenance Crew and then I got very angry at these hard-working people being left-out of what is probably THE very moment that begs to be important—only to NOT be included in the program. Pardon my boldness, but what a crock! What a put-up job! And with every bit of sweat, blood, and (fears) that the Maintenance Crew has not performed at their best is very sad to me. Heart-breaking, to be frank. If I were to meet a crew of this caliber, I would insist on shaking their hands, slipping them twenty-bucks a piece . . .plus a steak dinner at the best place in town just so I could show this special Maintenance Crew just how Much that we Appreciate All of them. I am completely-serious.

I can tack-on the other people who work behind the scenes . . .Orderlies (at hospitals); Assistant Managers to supermarkets and other organizations; Assistant chief(s) of the Police and Fire Departments and so it goes. In short, if there is a group of specialists, even the common working people, they cannot operate (completely) without an Assistant. I can say that the Football Maintenance Crew very seldom get any thanks for the laborious jobs that they perform. If you want an eye full of Real Football Maintenance, watch the film, “Rudy,” with Sean Astin as “Rudy,” and Charles S. Dutton, as the head man of the Maintenance Crew.

And let me just say that to ALL Football Maintenance Crews, that you surely gave your blood, just to make sure that every sprinkler system was working perfectly and oh, man, at the sweat that you gave (by the gallons) to get the maintenance crew to be on schedule for a last-minute schedule change. No, I wouldn’t confess that any of you had, or showed any hint of fear that your Maintenance Crew would not make the football field THE best.

To find out more about Football Field Maintenance . . .check these sites:‎

Each member of the Maintenance Crew works as One in order to make sure that the field is their very best.
Each member of the Maintenance Crew works as One in order to make sure that the field is their very best. | Source

© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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