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Football Manager 2016 Best Free Transfer Players.

Updated on March 3, 2016

The meat :

Christian Pander : LB used to play for Hannover 96 in Germany is a solid and strong Left Back will come for free for top clubs or 2nd division clubs at an average wage of 10K/wk. He is most likely to join a struggling first division side in the beginning of the game. At the age of 31 Pander is still a good signing.

Paul Taylor : Strong Central attacking midfielder formerly at Ipswich, used to score shitloads of goals with my Hull side when I signed him in the beginning of the season. Like Pander he is likely to join a struggling first division side or a top second division side. He will come at a cost of 9K/wk.

Morgan Amalfitano : Does this lad even need an introduction? Last season he had a decent season with West Ham in the Premier division so his wage expectations are at about 30k/wk so a Championship side cant afford him for sure. A decent Premier side can wrap this lad up. He plays in the heart of midfield and at 30 years of age he still can be a decent signing. I would recommend this anchor midfielder anytime of day.

Khalid Boulahrouz : Was at Chelsea in some point of his career which was stopped abruptly due to long injuries. Khalid was last playing at Feyenoord and is no spring chicken but at 33-years-old he still represents a viable option for any top first division side needing a backup centre half or a lesser side needing a genuine leader to steer them clear of relegation. He may come at a price of 12K per week.

Mikael Forsell : This Finnish striker was also at Chelsea like Khlalid, and like Khalid he wasn't that successful. This Finnish prolific striker last played at Bochum in the German second division and could be yours for 4k per week! Snap this lad up!

Joris Mathijsen : Another Dutch like Khalid! Centre Back and very strong and agile but very expensive wages. At 35k per week this 35 year old offers backup for the first team but is he worth your while? Well I signed him up for my Hull team in the beginning of the January transfer window because all of my CB's were injured and the lad did a decent job.

Kevin Nolan : Veteran at West Ham, suprised how he wasn't an England regular, well with Gerrard in the heart of midfield it was very difficult for any midfielder to take the legend Stevie G's place. At 34 years old Nolan is still one heck of a midfielder! He does his job and scores goals. He will cost you 30k per week which in my opinion is good.

Last but not least are two legends ; Ronaldinho Gaucho and Alessandro Del Piero. I feel like I cannot write anything about these two legends because no description would do them any justice. Well these players will not come cheap but are very good to keep for one season and if ur lucky enough that they don't retire at the end of the first season you will get to keep them for the second season. They will score and give assists so any wage will do! Sign them up!

I hope that I helped you in some kind of way. Stay tuned for my next article about tactics on Football Manager 2016. Share my article :)

Ronaldinho and Del Piero.

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