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Football in the News. The Headline Makers

Updated on February 20, 2012

Soccer Headline Makers

 Many writers on the net are coming up with some clever and witty headlines  for their news sites and blogs. Of course the newspapers have been producing them for years, and particularly a certain newspaper!

 Here are some of my favourite football headlines that i can remember, and many of them are about poor performances from the England National team.

Top Ten Football Headlines

NORSE MANURE! Sun headline after Scotland draw 0-0 with Norway

ERIC IDOL! Daily Mirror headline after Eric Cantona's hat-trick for Leeds v Spurs.

CLOUGHIE GRABBED MY GOOLIES Daily Sport after allegations by a Shrewsbury player.

LOONY ROONS BARGY ARGIES Sun headline after Cameroon beat Argentina in the1990 World Cup Finals.

SWEDES 2 TURNIPS 1 Sun after Sweden beat England in 1992.

SPANISH 1 ONIONS 0 Sun headline after England lost to Spain in a friendly International.

YANKS 2 PLANKS 0   The Sun again after a defeat by the USA.

HERE'S TO TO YOU MISS- IT ROBINSON    Daily Mirror after a fumble by England goalkeeper Paul Robinson against Croatia.

BLACKBURN POACHES EG    Blackburn Local paper after they signed Egil Ostenstad.

And finally my favourite.........

SUPER CALLY GO BALLISTIC,CELTIC ARE QUITE ATROCIOUS    Headline after Caledonian Thistle beat Celtic in a Scottish Cup Match.

Football Headers

 Well there you have it, these are my favourite ten headlines unless of course you know better!


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