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Former NFL Quarterback, Jesse Freitas, is Destitute

Updated on January 17, 2012

Not all NFL players succeed after their "moment in stardom". Some, through personal issues and bad luck over time are poor or destitute. Jesse Freitas is one of them. He was an up and coming San Diego Charger quarterback, second to Dan Fouts in 1974-5. His father was a SF 49er QB in the 1940s. He started in 13 games. Went to Stanford U , graduated from San Diego Stateand in high school, played with the legendary Lynn Swann, wide receiver. He wore number 17. He came from Petaluma, CA. He threw 21 touchdowns and racked up almost 3000 passing yards. of course, Jesse would never lead the Chargers because the coach chose Dan Fouts and for 15 years, that was the situation.

Yet, life, in general, was bad to him. Angry and discouraged, Jesse left the NFL, in what must be his worse decision that had a direct impact of his future. Hindsight is always 20\20. After leaving the Chargers in 75, he joined the Canadian Football league in 1976, then that fizzled. Football greatness had been knocking had he not become disillusioned. Had he weathered the rejection, things might have been far different. Fate. It was in his hands.

Jesse got married had four kids, got divorced, worked as a salesman and landlord. He became a Petaluma resident with this 3rd wife in the 1990s.Then, his mother died and got yet another divorce causing him a manic depression and trouble with Sonoma County law from theft, hit and run driving, trespassing and violating a restraining order. Now, almost 60 yrs., he faces these criminal charges. The Sonoma County court even ordered him to be incarcerated at Atascedero State Hospital, he takes lithium daily. Jesse is flat broke, no NFL pension is left, no savings, no nothing. He barely survived on disability.

The only thing this would-be NFL star has are memories, lost dreams and his brother to take care of him. Such a sad ending to a potential star.


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      FREDERICK "RICK" HAYES 3 years ago


      While Former Players are sympathetic to Jesse's life status and wish him the best assistance available from the NFL Mafia on Park Avenue in New York, the fan glorification of the "Star Positions" ironically, continues to this day.

      Check out the number of Former Players who blocked for Players like Jesse, if you want to see some of the real sad "Stories" of the League of Denial.



      L.A.RAMS 74 - 76

      HULA BOWL 74

      U of WASHINGTON 69 - 73