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Foul Play. The Bad Guys of League

Updated on March 5, 2016

Les Boyd

A talented second rower. Les Boyd was the player most frequently sent to the Judiciary in the Early Eighties. Breaking Daryl Brohman's Jaw with a high shot during a state of origin match in 1983 saw Boyd Banned for 12 months. His next judiciary meeting with Jim "The Hanging Judge" Comans led to a 15 month suspension for an eye gouge on Canterbury Hooker Billy Johnstone. This ended Les Boyds Australian Rugby League career. He went to England and played several seasons for Warrington.

Greg Inglis

He's big. He's Strong. He's fast. There is a good chance he will one day be an immortal. Sometimes even the games greats can do naughty things with their shoulders.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Finger

John Hopoate

Hard running winger John Hopoate won a Grand Final with Manly in 1996. Unfortunately Controversy has followed John through the later years of his career with misdemeanours including verbally abusing touch judges and playing a grade rugby match under an assumed name whilst on contract to Manly. He is most infamous for the "Crouching Tiger - Hidden Finger" incident. A flying elbow at a young Keith Galloway (Cronulla) spelled the end of Hoppa's NRL career.

Since that time Hopoate has been involved in coaching Junior teams from Beacon Hill in the Manly Junior League. He has recently stood down as coach of Manly's SG Ball side under pressure from the NRL. At time of writing Manly is threatening to take legal action against the NRL.

Billy Slater

Billy Slater is not the dirtiest player in the league. He does have a history of putting his feet and knees in the wrong place. Particularly when defending the try line. Then there was this one against David Klemmer. Undeniably a defensive move but nonetheless illegal and ugly.

Mark Geyer

A vital part of the Penrith Panthers forward pack which contested the 91 Grand Final and won in 1992. Mark Geyer was the impact forward of his day. Geyer was no stranger to the judiciary. In Origin 2 1991 a fairly Innocuous elbow to the head of Steve Walters led to an all in brawl and a legendry encounter with Queensland captain Wally Lewis on half time. Shortly after Hostilities resumed a more savage elbow was thrown at Paul Hauff sparking another all in and ultimately earning Geyer 5 weeks on the sidelines. Geyer has said that he was given the green light by NSW officials to intimidate Queenslanders with foul play.

These days Mark Geyer (OAM) is a changed man. He has a successful media career, is a champion of Western Sydney, Junior Sports and Charity and is a very proud father of five.

Danny Williams

All video of Melbourne's Danny Williams 2004 hit on the Tigers Mark O'Neill seems to have been pulled from the net. Suffice to say Williams ran a long way to belt someone off the ball. Williams was given an 18 month suspension and never played again.

Mitch Allgood

Never heard of him? Probably not surprising. The Eels didn't warrant much airtime in 2013.

Allgood played a few years at Parramatta. Was a promising young player. Would probably have thrived in the game 30 years ago.

Currently playing for Hull-Kingston Rovers.

Sammy Squirrel

Sam Burgess

Sam Burgess has a reputation as one of the toughest players in the NRL. Makes you wonder why he needed to perform a squirrel grip on Melbournes Will Chambers.


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