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Fox Flux Mountain Bike Helmet

Updated on October 2, 2014

Fox Helmets

Fox Flux Helmet

Fox Flux Helmet

This is a review of theFox Flux Helmet. I've used this helmet now for many months after my last one was stolen and at the time I didn't know the favor the person who stole it was doing for me. After that helmet was stolen I bought the best mountain biking helmet that I have owned. I like most things about this helmet. At first I was thinking wow this thing actually adjusts to your head not like most helmets out there. Once you have it adjusted to your head, you can have the strap unbuckled and turn your head upside down and shake it and the helmet won't fall off. With most helmets you would be picking your brand new helmet up off the ground if you tried that. On the back of the helmet there are two slide lock adjustments. I would like to see this changed to a dial or something so you could do it with gloves on but that is my only complaint of this helmet and one that others have as well.

If You Do This Wear Your Helmet

Fox Flux

Features of Fox Flux Helmet

So, I've told you about the fit of the Flux, let me tell you some of it's other features. One of the big ones for me is airflow. When you look at the pictures of the helmet see those big air vents in the front and back. You can actually feel air blowing on your head when you are riding. That is a good feeling on a long hot day or when there is a lot of uphills between those downhills. I've seen some people in winter riding with one of those helmet covers to stop the air flow but personally I just wear a tight fitting cap like the ones for snowboarding. That keeps my head warm in winter because these vents really do work.

The construction on this helmet is pretty much what you would expect from a helmet plastic over foam. But it's the details that fox puts in that make it such a good product. The excellent fit the visor that comes off easily yet pops right back on with no damage done these are the detail of good manufacturing for the user. If you are looking for a new bike rack to go with your new helmet check out my hub on the Thule Hitch Mount Rack. Or check out the

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    • JustMike profile image

      JustMike 7 years ago

      I agree overall it's probably the best helmet I've owned.

    • profile image

      sportbike helmet 7 years ago

      fox helmet is the most comfortable helmet on the market i think