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Fraudulent Internet Shoe Websites

Updated on July 9, 2016
There real location
There real location
The home page seems legit.
The home page seems legit.

I almost did it. It was close. But, luckily, the oddity of the polished website caught my attention. What I noticed about Shoesstore (dot) win was the dot win in its website address. It just seemed odd, but that was not the kicker, just the spark for further investigation.

The site lists about every type of Nike and others in a very slick manner. Most of the prices are around $85-90, even for shoes that usually sell for $160+. The website states just about all shoes are in close out status, which was rather odd. The other weird thing was that when you click on the Contact tab, there is no address, no phone, nothing. What you do get is a simply email form to fill out and send. Then, they offer free shipping or $10 for faster shipping by DHL, which is a usually worldwide shipper. The Free shipping was nice and appealing but I thought, how can this be? Where are they sending the shoes from? Why don't they list their address? why?

Many fraudulent shoe websites follow this pattern. There are many. Upon purchase, a tracking ticket is issued to placate the buyer. It allows time to pass without the scammer from being hassled. I wondered how this seller could also offer just about every brand and style under the Nike and others brand, seemed impossible to me.

After conducting an internet search, I found out that this store was actually in China, away in a remote area. The server that the website is on was in the Netherlands, making it look legit. The owner of the website was Chinese in a Chinese city or town.

Many similar websites take your money and then send you a sponge in a small package with a tracking number. Many buyers are shocked upon getting the small package!

Worse, they have your credit card information. So,before you order, make sure the website is transparent, provides phone numbers, addresses, and investigate using websites that help locate scammers and scamming website.


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