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Free Hi-Def, On Demand Olympics 2008 with Extended coverage...what’s your favorite Obscure Olympic event?

Updated on January 18, 2009

It seems that Time Warner Cable in an effort to promote its Hi-def and RoadRunner services it has announced that expanded a few extra channels such HD Olympic Soccer and Basketball, plus all the Olympic coverage in Hi_def for the duration of the games for all subscribers to Time Warner Cable. Afterwards everything will go back to normal.

The expanded coverage (about 3600 hours according Time Warner) will also include the more obscure events like Archery, Steeplechasing, Handball, Trampoline, Race walking, Shooting and others that normally is not broadcasted. On American TV.

Hi-Def Networks Broadcasting the Olympics on Time Warner

  • NBC
  • NBC HD
  • CNBC
  • USA Network
  • Oxygen
  • Universal HD

Race Walking Challange

The Games start Aug. 8th 2008, however TWC Free Sports On Demand is showing a lot of pre-stuff like the Olympic Trials, Classic moments in Olympic history, etc..

Don't forget you also be able to watch highlights and repeats approximately 10 of the best sessions/games per day from the Free On demand.

Click here to see what's currently playing on Free Sports On Demand

Road Runner subscribers will be able to link to and see plenty more (over 2200 hour's worth) of Olympic coverage, showcasing streaming events, repeats sessions, daily recaps and so on.

For all details of coverage click

What's a lot of fun about these broadcasts are the obscure sports, I am kinda of partial to handball and Shooting (where the women and men are on equal footing).

What's your favorite? I would love to hear any comments!


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