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Updated on July 28, 2009


What do martial arts mean to me?

Well I feel martial arts are more than hobbies or something to do. Like Bruce lee once said its a way to express ones self. I suppose that’s why the word art is used. Martial arts are more than self-defence it makes you a better person both physically and emotionally. Getting kicked or punched in the face seems to numb your emotions to situations in your life that are bringing you down. A martial artist observes the world in different eyes. When the world is seeing shades of grey a martial artist will see colours, some quote I heard somewhere. It’s hard to understand but I think it’s got to do with people realizing that they have the potential to do anything when they do martial arts. For example people use to say stuff like you’re crazy to fight that guy he’s huge, but I didn't even notice. As a martial artist being big or small didn't matter. It was quite a surprise to them when I came out on top. I would recommend everyone to take some form of martial art. Not just to learn how to fight but to get all the extra benefits that come with it.

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    • profile image

      oFFset 8 years ago

      Absolutely true. Well said, my friend!