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Friday the 13th at Disney Hollywood Studios

Updated on August 22, 2013
Will Cruella make an appearance at Disney's Friday the 13th event?
Will Cruella make an appearance at Disney's Friday the 13th event? | Source

Ever since the long ago crusades, Friday the 13th has held a special, chilling place in the minds of the western world.

While it is usually associated with ultra scary movies and villains such as Freddy and Jason, this year, as part of Disney's Limited Time Magic Promotion, there will be a special Friday the 13th celebration at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

This one-time limited event is known as Unleash the Villains.

Find out how you can attend and what you can expect.

Dates and Times

It's the year 2013 so Friday the 13th should be extra special.

On September 13, 2013, Disney's Hollywood Studios will be open until the 13th hour (that's until 1 AM) for extra special park events including many of Disney's famous villains.

Admission to the event is just your regular park ticket, unlike many of the hard ticket events that Disney has throughout the year.

The event will be a little like Extra Magic Hours but with special merchandise, dance party and villain character meet and greets.

It all starts at 8 PM! (Though the park will be open throughout the day as well.)

What To Expect

Rides and shows should be open. There will possibly be extra Fantasmic shows that evening. Scheduled, extra events include rare and limited collectible merchandise and a villain dance party where characters such as Maleficent, Captain Hook and Cruella De Ville will appear.

Disney Hollywood Studios most popular rides will likely be open until 1 AM with possible character experiences along they way.

Rides include:

  • Tower of Terror: This ride will likely have extra surprises, characters and thrills since it already has the spooky Twilight Zone theme and the broken elevator that goes to the 13th floor.
  • Star Tours: This Star Wars themed ride may have some Storm Troopers, Darth Vader and The Emperor lurking around.
  • Rockin Rollercoaster: Aerosmith is kind of scary looking in their own right and the fast, break-neck speeds will take your breath away.
  • Toy Story Midway Mania: The only thing scary about this ride is the wait time. Get a fast pass in the early evening and go ride it later.
  • The Great Movie Ride: See some of the great movie villains and maybe some extras. Watch out for the Wicked Witch of the West.

There will also likely be opportunities for photos with your favorite villains so bring your camera or photopass.

The event is part of Walt Disney World's year long promotion known as Limited Time Magic.

Villainy In The Sky Fireworks

Hollywood Studios does not usually have a fireworks show to end the evening (which is the tradition at EPCOT and Magic Kingdom). However, Disney has announced that the Friday the 13th event will also debut "Villainy in the Sky." This will be a special fireworks show celebrating all things villains. Times have not been announced.

Be sure to catch Maleficent at the Unleash the Villains event at Hollywood Studios.
Be sure to catch Maleficent at the Unleash the Villains event at Hollywood Studios. | Source

How Is This Different From the Halloween Party

There are many differences between this event and the Halloween parties held later in the year.

For one, the Halloween Party is held at the Magic Kingdom and is a separate ticket event.

This event is also only for one night and does not offer the exclusiveness of Mickey's Halloween Party.

There is also special, Friday the 13th merchandise that will only be available between the hours of 8 PM and 1 AM.

Is It Appropriate For Kids?

Unlike some other events in the Orlando area, such as the Fright Nights at Universal Studios, this event should be relatively safe for even young kids.

The villains at the dance party will often play around with the kids and encourage them to have fun. (Be aware that characters will not sign autograph books at the dance parties).

The rides where there may be extra thrills and scary characters are height-restricted anyway so kids will not be able to ride them.

However, if parents would like to take turns riding while the other one waits with the kids, Disney is happy to accommodate this. Just ask the cast member at the entrance gate for details and they will let you know where you need to go to do a rider exchange. Be aware though that sometimes this requires kids to go through the line with you and some lines, such as The Tower of Terror have a scary pre-show as well as spooky music and props.

Will Buses and Boats Run Until 1 AM?

If you are staying on property at any of the Walt Disney World hotels, buses and boats will run up through 2 AM to insure that you get back to your hotel room.

If you are off-property but use complimentary transportation to the park (many hotels close to Disney provide this) then you may have to take a cab back to your hotel. Cabs are easy to locate as you exit the front gate.

Maybe you can get Darth Vader's autograph!
Maybe you can get Darth Vader's autograph! | Source

Best Places To Stay To Attend The Event

If you are looking for the most convenient hotels near Disney's Hollywood Studios, you might want to consider staying at The Boardwalk, Disney's Yacht and Beach Club or Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin.

Each of these hotels connects to a walking path that runs behind Boardwalk and along the waterway, leading directly to the front gates of the theme park.

In addition to that, these hotels also provide walking access to EPCOT and to Fantasia Mini Golf.

At the end of the day, buses are often crowded and the wait times increased. Walking back to your hotel helps you to avoid the hassle.

Will you go to the Friday the 13th event at Hollywood Studios?

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Don't Miss This Special Event

As the Friday the 13th event approaches, there will be more details released and the schedule will be finalized.

Disney has a way of balancing the appropriate amount of chills with thrills to make this rare, special night well worth attending.

The collectible and resale value of the limited merchandise alone will make it worth the time and investment.

Disney doesn't often promote its colorful cast of villains and it also rarely spotlights Hollywood Studios as much as EPCOT and Magic Kingdom are promoted.

I can' think of a more enjoyable way to spend Friday the 13th.

Which Disney Villain Do You Hope Is There?


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