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From a Fan's Point of View

Updated on August 21, 2010


Before a game at the Round House.
Before a game at the Round House.

Written in Febuary of 2010

I went to a Shocker basketball game last night. I love college basketball, especially at this time of year when the tournaments are about to start. WSU is one of the best places to see a game at the collegiate level. The atmosphere inside the Round House is absolutely the best. Shocker fans love their team and support it with great enthusiasm. I think that a basketball game at the Round House is the definition of excitement for a college basketball fan. defines excitement as an excited state or condition. Since this definition seems a little vague to me I would like to define excitement from the viewpoint of a college basketball fan.

Any good fan of basketball would tell you they would rather watch their favorite team win a close game with a buzzer-beating three-pointer than to watch them win in a blow-out victory of twenty points or more. Why is this? Excitement!

While it is occasionally fun to watch a nice relaxing blow out and maybe even see your team put on a slam dunk exhibition against their opponents, it is the hard fought victories that are the most exciting and bring the most satisfaction. To see your team win with the aforementioned buzzer-beater or a dramatic, clutch free-throw will make a true fans blood course through their veins as if they themselves were making these shots.

As a fan you sit, (or more likely stand), in front of the TV or at an arena and watch with sweaty palms; heart thumping in your chest, nearly breathless as the ball is flipped off the fingertips and makes that seemingly endless journey through the air. There is a split second of almost complete silence in the arena as the orange orb spins backwards towards its destination, and then with surgical precision it swishes through the net. The crowd goes wild is no longer a cliché. You leap to your feet, your blood pounding in your ears, screaming your satisfaction to the player who made the magnificent shot.

Yes, for a college basketball fan excitement is often defined by the physical responses you have to as the ball travels to the hoop, or is slammed home in some perfectly executed ally-oop pass. For a moment ten thousand plus people are united with that common excitement and they rise as one to watch as their team pulls off another exciting victory.


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