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Frozen Movie: How long could you survive being stuck on a chair lift?

Updated on June 4, 2012

Stuck on a Chair lift?

I just finished watching the movie Frozen where three people take their last run up the mountain and the resort closes with them on the lift. I also just went skiing yesterday so this was on my mind. I tried looking up how to get off a chair lift if this actually happened and could find very little on it. So I have a few ideas on what I would do If I was in that situation. First of all the characters in the movie somehow get the lift attendant to let them go up after he already put the orange flag to indicate the last chair on a chair. He then leaves and tells the next guy to wait for the three last ones to come down. Of course three people come down but they are not the ones on the lift. Number one problem they never should have gotten on the lift after the mountain closed. Let's move on to actually being stuck on the lift. The lights go out and they realize they are stuck. But then a grooming plow comes along. they scream and throw a glove and a few other things that don't make a lot of noise. I would have flung my skies at the front window and my poles to get the guys attention. Groomer goes away and they are stuck for the night. They panic, bad idea. Not one of them has a cell phone on them, they didn't stash any food in their jackets like I always do and no one had any chapstick. In my jacket pockets yesterday I had my cell phone, chapstick, five granola bars, a baggie of almonds, extra cloth gloves and an extra hat. Now the one guy decides he is going to jump about fifty feet. Not very well thought out I have to say. He takes his board off, only smart thing he did and then jumps straight down without bending his knees and snap, breaks both legs. If you are going to jump bend your knees. Now since there are two other people on the lift they could have held his arms and lowered him closer to the ground so the jump was not so far. They also could have tied so clothes together to help get closer to the ground. Now we are down to two people alive and on the lift. Instead of huddling together to maintain body heat they sit at opposite sides of the chair and fight. Then one decides to scale the wire between the chairs not making it and wasting energy. At some point the girl loses her glove and when she wakes up her hand is stuck to the metal pole. Why was her hand not in her jacket pocket? Also they have hoods on their jackets. I would have removed my hat and used that to cover my face and used the jacket hood to keep my head warm. At one point the girls has to pee and can't hold it any longer so she pees her pants. I think instead of then being wet and smelly and cold I would have had the other person hold on to my arms or upper body while I sat over the side of the lift and peed over the side of the chair lift. Cold for a few seconds but not wet and cold. My conclusion is that if I had food- granola bars and almonds and could eat the snow off my skies for water and we huddled together for warmth there would be a better chance of survival then how the movie Frozen turned out.


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    • profile image

      koka 5 years ago

      the most idiotic thing: second guy, has made first fight with wolf, could hve used the chairlift holder stairs: move from one holder to another, have a break on upper stairs to avoid volves, than move to next. trees also possibility, and of course, always face to volves!!

    • profile image

      Brent 6 years ago

      I would have been hungry and thirsty but I would have survived. How? By zipping up my jacket and covering my face with the hood. That's if I was them. If I was me id put my face mask and goggles on and just sit there bored. What I really didn't understand (besides them not zipping up their jackets) was why the skier didn't make a go for bis skis. He could have waited until he had at least a little head start on the wolves and then he could just click them, heck just one, on and if he's at all good he'd have beat the wolves. And with the snow and all that im sure I would have had a few sips of water.

    • profile image

      stupid ideas 6 years ago

      nobody gets food with him when going skiing, also melting snow is no good idea cause it requires lots of heat which they cant give without burns.also they couldn't throw the things so far to hit the window. the chair could be very fat even with cloths and staff he could brake his bones. he actually fell pretty well because if he fell with his knees it would be stupid. if he could roll exactly when he fell he could reduce impact, but remember hes not a parkour expert. also the guy at first got scared of the wolves who showed up after so don't even mention it. the guys went after the flag bad idea which is also the guard's fault, that's your only real point.

      now some clever ideas:

      he could get to the rope military style(under rope or better on rope) maybe with some clothes tighten around for support.

      also he could use the ski board for sliding through rope with hands.(i prefer the military style)

      when he got to the column he could either continue to the center through rope if he had the power to avoid wolves or he could go down and take the snowboard or skis to slide fast but with wolves-danger.