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Hobo Bread Sticks - Fun and Easy Camping Recipes Ideas for Kids

Updated on February 28, 2018
Toasting Hobo Breadsticks over a campfire
Toasting Hobo Breadsticks over a campfire | Source

Easy and Fun Camping Recipes Ideas for Kids

Kids love to do things for themselves, and this fun and easy camping recipe - Hobo Bread Sticks - is one they will love. It has all the magic ingredients; a stick to poke in the campfire, gooey sticky biscuit dough, and best of all - cinnamon sugar!

Sometimes it's hard to come up with new camping activities or recipes to keep the kids interested. Here's one that is easy to cook, doesn't need a lot of ingredients or work, and it's easy on you too. Hobo Campfire Bread Sticks - a kid's camp food recipe everyone will love.

Hobo Bread Sticks Recipe

The recipe ingredients and preparations for this fun campfire treat are almost as simple as those for another kid's camping favorite - S'mores.

All you need is some ready-made bread stick, (or biscuit), dough, cinnamon-sugar mix, and butter or margarine

Food preparation mostly involves a little adult supervision to make sure the kid's don't try to cook them too fast and burn them..

Pillsbury Breadsticks for this Kid's Campfire recipe
Pillsbury Breadsticks for this Kid's Campfire recipe | Source

Bread Stick or Biscuit Dough

The convenience of ready-made dough is only one of the reasons this campfire treat is so easy to make. Bread stick dough works best because it is already pre-formed in the shape needed, but biscuit dough will work too, it just needs a little more pulling and shaping to form the dough strips you need.

Butter Sticks and Cinnamon-sugar Mix

Butter sticks and cinnamon-sugar mix
Butter sticks and cinnamon-sugar mix | Source

The only other ingredients are a couple sticks of butter, or margarine, and a cinnamon-sugar mix.

  • The butter sticks should be slightly softened, or melted butter can be used instead -- but this takes away one of the kids-fun aspects of twisting and rolling their breadsticks on the butter sticks.
  • The cinnamon-sugar mix is a ratio of approx. 1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon per 1 cup of sugar. **powdered sugar does not work well for this recipe.

The Pastry Roasting Sticks

Nature's roasting stick or man's "Womp' em" sticks
Nature's roasting stick or man's "Womp' em" sticks | Source

Once again, man is trying to top Nature's tools. The most fun roasting stick for this recipe is a branch, But not too thin -- like those used to roast marshmallows. It should be about as thick as an adult thumb. Or slightly larger.

But, if you insist on being the complete camp cook, you can also buy campfire pastry sticks like the one's in the above photo -- called "Womp' em" sticks.

Wrapping the breadstick dough on the stick
Wrapping the breadstick dough on the stick | Source
Toasting over campfire coals - not the flames
Toasting over campfire coals - not the flames | Source

How to Make These kid's Hobo Campfire Pastries

  1. Open the bread stick dough and separate the strips. Plan for at least two strips per camper.
  2. Slightly flatten the dough strip to about 1/4" thick.
  3. Starting at the tip of the stick - make one wrap around the tip and pinch the dough end to the first wrap of strip so you don't have a loose end poking out.
  4. Using an over-lapping spiral, (a slight over-lap), continue the dough wraps around the stick. On the last wrap, pinch the end to the dough strip, (like you did at the tip), so there isn't a loose end.
  5. Start roasting! Turning slowly over hot campfire coals, not in the flames. (flames will char the outside before the inside is done)


  • Pinch the tip of the dough wrap so that it forms a 'closed" cap (unlike the photo)
  • Over-lap the wrapped strip just enough to prevent gaps in your spiral. The dough should not be too thick or it will take too long to "bake."
  • It's important to keep the kids rotating their sticks over the coals and not just holding them over the flames.

Hobo Campfire Pastry
Hobo Campfire Pastry | Source

Roast Until Golden Brown - Then Dip and Eat

Continue slowly rotating the dough until it gets lightly brown and puffs -- like the ones shown above.

While the kids are roasting their bread sticks, place a couple sticks of butter on a plate, about 1/2" apart. (this gives them a "channel" to lay and spin their bread sticks in to butter), and also a flat plate of the cinnamon-sugar mix.

When the kids are done cooking, with the bread stick still on the stick, they roll it between the butter sticks until it has a good buttery coating, then roll it in the cinnamon-sugar mix. Voila! A sugar coated pastry just like from the doughnut shop.

*Pastries can be pulled off the sticks and plated, but it's a lot more fun to just eat them off the stick.

Dutch Oven Monkey Bread

Dutch Oven Monkey Bread Campfire Treat for Kids
Dutch Oven Monkey Bread Campfire Treat for Kids | Source

A campfire treat...

Another easy recipe that is no a muss - no fuss treat the kids can make themselves, with just a little adult help with the Dutch oven.

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