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Fun Facts on Sports in Central America

Updated on January 30, 2012

I am actually dedicating this article to other sport besides soccer. If, you know anything about Central America the largest sport is soccer. So, having a complexly dedicated article related to the largest sport everywhere in Central America only seems fitting. But, what many do not realize is there is a lot of other sports and some exceptionally interesting facts about many noted athletes and countries of Central America.

Olympic Race Walking:

There is a gentlemen from Guatemala who in 1995 was the first ever central American athlete to win a Bronze medal in the Olympic men's 50 km walk


Nicaragua was a introduced Alexis Arguello onto the boxing scene in 1974. He quickly climbed the later to success on the world stage winning six word championship boxing titles. He is still revered in Latin America s the best boxer of all time.

Managua is the capitol city of Nicaragua it was the first to host the Caribbean boxing tournament in which 8 different countries sent their best fighters to participate. Nicaragua’s best fighter Gustavo Herrora won the gold medal in the boxing tournament.

Pan American Games:

The pan-American games are similar to the Olympics yet it is held only for the Americas. These games are provide the Americas some of the top athletes in there particular games of interest. Panama was the only one to send the most athletes to compete across the board in a variety of different sports.

1. Cycling

2. Fencing

3. Shooting

4. Weightlifting

5. Wrestling

Nicaragua held a special meeting of its Olympic committee and due to strained relations with other countries at the time did not participate in a number of Pan American games.

6. 1951 in Buenos Aires (Argentina),

7. 1959 in Chicago (U.S.),

8. Sao Paulo (Brazil) in 1963.


The most prominent softball team in all of Central America is from Guatemala. They have placed the highest in the Pan America games and Caribbean games since 1982


One of panamas finest swimmers Eileen Coparropa captured the silver medal for panama in the 1995 pan American games in Montreal.


Taekwondo is still an extremely popular sport in Coast Rica and Guatemala.

Track & Field

In 1938 the fastest time for a tack record to date in the 100m race is Jennings Blackett from Panama that set the world record at 10.4 seconds which is still n broken today.


Panama led the way for all Central America nations to finally be able to compete in the Men’s Volleyball World Cup. It was the first country to do so in 1974


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