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Fun with Guns

Updated on February 23, 2010

Cowboy Action Shooting

Did you ever wish to be a cowboy and grow up with the idea that it would be fun to rope and ride and take on all evil with a six shooter. I used to think this would be great fun and spent a lot of time in the back woods hunting down bad guys and fighting wars. In my case it was cowgirl. My brother and I had a great time walking all over the countryside playing that we were famous cowboys like Davy Crockett and John Wayne. I didn’t figure out till later that there were a lot of frontier cowgirls like Anne Oakley, Elga Coberly, Lerene Dahl, and dozens of others unnamed and unsung in America, Australia and other places where women have worked beside the men and sometimes without the men when tragedy struck. Any Oakley I have only read about. The other two I know personally one being my great aunt and the other being my mentor with horses and the woman who continues to inspire me.

Cowboy Action Shooting is as they say ways that you can play cowboy or cowgirl today. People are having a lot of fun playing cowboy and it is a great sport for young and old provided that you have the right safety equipment and the right training. They have competitions and shoots as they call them through local clubs and events that can be found on a number of different web sites listed below.

You can look up a club in the United State by using the map on the Single Action Shooting Society map. The map is split down both by states and by regions.

This site for the Cowboy Action Shooting Clubs also has a few outside of the United States.

If you want a rundown on the typical Cowboy Action Categories you can get a rundown on the bottom of this page

So what are you waiting for have a look see at the video’s, find out how much fun it is go get your safety training and join a club. For Safety training and general gun training these guys do a pretty good job though they are more into hunting then cowboy shooting. They also provide a lot of really good information on guns, cartriges and even some on manufacturing.

Cowboy Action Store not only has the equipment but also video’s on how to do it and some safety training tips.


With a horse of course

The Morgan who inspired me
The Morgan who inspired me

Cowboy Mounted Action Shooting

I had a friend introduce me to something new to the horse sport industry a few years ago. Herb said he had a friend who used a Morgan for the event and it went really well for him. He is a cowboy and rancher himself and enjoyed trying this new sport.   I caught a video of it last fall for the first time. I did some research this last year. It is called Cowboy Mounted Shooting and they have an official website at I also found out that there are a lot of women in the sport.  The women sometimes get better times then the men. They are serious about having fun and serious about riding. The horses are as well trained as most gaming or barrel racing horses and they tend to take at least a year to train. You can enjoy a lot of fun video’s watching the shooting competitions or you can attend one in person by following the links on their web site.

I hope to get to a couple of the riding shoots this spring and summer.Should you wish to dress the part here are a few places you can go.  It is something that I would like to try.  I enjoy other gaming types of events and this looks to be great fun.

Here are a couple of the first ladies of the sport that have done really well for themselves.

Lots of links to outfitters and hunting party people


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