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Future of Basketball

Updated on July 14, 2017
2015-16 championship trophy
2015-16 championship trophy

About Joshua Henriquez

Joshua Henriquez is a 17 year old basketball player from the Bronx. He has been playing since 3 years old and started his official journey in the 7th grade in the school he plays for now called Bronx Studios School For Writers and Artist as the 1-3. He is an undersized player standing at 5'8. He can shoot the three or take it up to the rim. Has defense and has enough hops to take the rebound of the towering players. He is the true definition of an athetic player and heart over hieght.

How Does He Train ?

Joshua tells us " Well I train every time I can. I usually hit about 300 shots a practice. I like to start with my lay ups and go on with shooting drills. I like to start of close to the rim and move away from the rim. I also have a strict rule that if I miss out of ten shots or lay up I run for every miss. I shouldn't miss open opportunities." He also explains to us that every thing he does is faster then game speed that way when he's in the actual game everything is slowed down.

The Mindset

Joshua says his mindset on the court and off the court aren't very different. He like to think he the best in everything he does. From the simplest to the hardest. He's not cocky or anything he's just confident. He tells us "On the court my mindset is to kill anything in my way I'm not the tallest player so I have to get aggressive. I get in my mind and I just attack everything and to do anything for my team to win. Off the court my mindset is humble and to help younger kids be good at basketball I try to help anyone as i can". This is truly a sign of matury.

Joshua Henriquez at a basketball game
Joshua Henriquez at a basketball game

The Future ?

Joshua explains that he see's himself in the NBA. Proving doubters wrong. I asked him how does he plan to make it with knowing he has no official recognition. Josh tells me " I have some look outs from a couple Divison 1-3 colleges and i know that nobody doesn't know me like they know Lamelo or any other ranked player of class of 2019 that is ranked but I'm better than all of them just stay in your seat and watch me take off.

Freshman year
Freshman year

Thank you

I would like to thank my team The Bulleyed Warriors from the guys who play the bench to the guys on the floor. I would like to say thank you Coach Gary for beliving in me and welcome to coach Lostito hope your ready for the journey. I would also like to give thanks to everyone that has helped me be here right now and Thank you to the Sports Guru for this amazing opportunity


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      Joshua Henriquez 6 months ago

      Thank you, this is truly awesome.