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Updated on November 20, 2010

FRIENDS a day of golf.

a day at the park, playing golf.
a day at the park, playing golf. | Source

Golf is it to play or to pass the time in good company?

I can't wait for the weekends to get here, I am very anxious to play, or is it that I just want to get away from it all. My friends and I play almost every weekend and man this is the best time, just to be there playing enjoying the company of friends, drinking, eating and shooting the "you know". Every time we get there the questions is, how many wholes should we play? We all laugh it up, because we know that none of us want to play a 9 nine hole course, if there was 45 hole course believe me we would rather be there all day and keep our minds in a different world all together.

What does golf do for you and where does it take you? The time that we have played, we talk to people that normally in our daily lives would never even give them a moment of our time. In the golf course and during this time, we talk to everyone and we become a different bread of people. Why is that? Is it because we get distracted, we get absent minded or is it because we just stepped into a different world and different time! I don't know what it is. But this time with my friends is a some of the best times and memories that I will always carry with me. Golf what a funny name and here is what the letters spell out for me: G (good) O (old) L (leisure) F (fun).

I love playing the game!

Man golf is really fun.
Man golf is really fun. | Source

I am not an expert, but golf is fun!

Personally golf is an entertaining game, I play for fun, even though my friends and I have made bets, whoever gets the highest misses or score is going to pay for breakfast. It's about friendship and commoradity. Sometime I think we make an excuse to get away from the wife's, my comments or intentions with this statement are not meant in a bad way at all, or advising men to pickup the game to get away from their wife's.

My purpose and personal opinion is that every group of friends or for the matter families should pick a hobby. My friends and I highly recommend golf, my kids love playing it. They sometime ask to go to the shooting range just to hit some golfballs. So it's good to have alternatives, and golf is definitely a great one to have.


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