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GPS Goggles

Updated on November 22, 2011

If you snowboard or ski, you know snow goggles are a must-have if you want to avoid watery eyes as you speed down the slopes.

As ski goggles became more advanced, venting was added to protect against fogging. Polarized lenses along with other special technologies were added to protect your eyes from the glare off the snow and UV rays and to allow you to see clearly as you moved from light to dark areas on the mountain.

Zeal Z3 GPS Goggle
Zeal Z3 GPS Goggle

Now the technology from Mission Impossible type movies is finally available in Zeal goggles...

Imagine a ski and snowboarding goggle that allows you to see your speed, altitude and gps location as well as the distance, height, drop and airtime of your jumps! It also has a clock, so you never have to check your watch, and thermostat. At the end of the day you can download your stats into your computer and overlay them on Google maps.

You get all that and more with the Zeal GPS Goggles enabled with Recon Mod technology. Choose from the Transcend and Z3 models below.

Zeal Z3

The Zeal Z3 is the newer GPS Google model. It comes with Zeal's own One-Lens™ and ZealBlend™ technologies. The spherical polarized and photochromic lense are anti-glare, protect you from the UV rays of the sun, and adjust to varying light conditions.

The Z3 is smaller than the Transcend and fits more head sizes. It has this year's version of the Recon Mod and the LCD display is adjustable.

The Z3 with Mod Live is coming mid-December 2011...

Check Out the Z3 and Transcend at Amazon

Zeal Transcend SPPX GPS Google

Zeal Transcend SPPX were the first GPS Goggles equipped with the Recon Mod (1st version) as well as Zeal's own lens technologies. As per the Z3, they have spherical polarized and photochromic lenses.

The LCD display is mounted inside on the bottom corner of the goggle lens allowing you to see your stats while you ride.

The Transcend fits best on bigger faces, so if you're smaller - you may want to check out the Z3. The battery lasts approx. 6 hours so if you ski from 9-6 pm - this may be a problem.

ReconInstruments Introduces Transcend


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