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Updated on February 14, 2011

5 Reasons to use the Gymboss Interval Timer

There are so many good reasons to use the Gymboss Interval timer, but 5 will be enough to convince you the Gymboss could be your next best friend at the gym.

  1. The gymboss timer allows you to keep track of the your interval training and will count the length of the interval and rest period along with the amount of sets performed.
  2. The gymboss either beeps, vibrates or both to let you know when to start or stop your set.
  3. It clips to your belt or pocket and is about the size of a small pager so will not cause any extra weight when you are exercising during a fat burning workout.
  4. The gymboss timer is a perfect friend to have around when you're going through hell with a tabata training session.
  5. At only $19.99 there's nothing to lose and could quite well be one of the best but cheapest training aids you ever buy.

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Gymboss Interval Timer

Gymboss Review

If your looking to get your hands fantasticexercise/gym timer that easy to operate and cheap enough not to set you back a fortune then you should take a look at the gymboss.

The gymboss is so compact that it comes at about half the size of all other bleepers/devices on the market today. It can also be used as a stop watch. In fact it's a must for any serious coach or athlete.

I've used it for circuit training, Escalating density training, timed kettlebell training and rope jumping not to mention tabata training.

It's a top little device that's durable, user friendly and easy on the pocket.

Interval Training

Interval training is basically a set amount of work time with a set amount of rest time.

This form of training has been around for years

In a basic form circuit training could be described as a set of intervals.

Rowers, boxers and athletes in general use interval training as a means of monitoring there training and formalizing progression.

Interval training Progression

Note: this is just an example of what interval progression may look like and is by no means definitive.

10:10 (10 secs work v 10 secs rest)









Tabata training is interval training, albeit a very tough method of training. Tabata training involves 20 secs work followed by 10 secs rest for a total of 4 mins (8 work set total)

Be very careful with Tabata and ensure you build a substantial level of physical fitness before embarking on such a demanding 'style'

This method of interval training can be used with any exercise you wish (initially it was used in cycling), for example kettlebell snatches, kettlebell swings, front squat.

Explore as many different possible movements with this method, but remember you get fitter and stronger by utilizing as many muscle groups as possible (i.e compound exercise).

A squat uses up much more energy than say a leg extension as does the clean and jerk versus a bicep curl.

Obviously, interval training requires some kind of device for timing the work and rest. This is where the gymboss comes in.

The gymboss interval timer allows you to set your work and rest periods perfectly and will beep or vibrate when the interval starts and ends.

Not only this but the  Gymboss counts your intervals for you too, making it the number one device of it’s type for the price.

It is a compact device that can be clipped to your belt or left at your training station to guide you to new levels of fitness by tracking your progression for you.

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Gymboss Interval Timer Review

Check out my gymboss interval timer review, find out how to time intervals and kettlebell snatch reps with the gymboss.

Will Brink GPP Interval training using Gymboss



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      8 years ago

      Tabata is FOUR minutes, not eight as sated above...


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