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Ga Mountains - Benefits of Trout Fishing

Updated on June 25, 2011

Four benefits of learning the sport of trout fishing in the North Ga. mountains.

One: The first benefit obtained from trout fishing in the mountains is the chance to escape the often torturous Georgia heat, trout fishing is a sure cure. The waters in the mountain streams typically stay around a temperature of seventy degrees, and most of the locations of the trout streams are well shaded with trees, and the lower temperatures typical with the higher elevations of the north Georgia mountains, makes the temperature on the river for trout anglers as much as ten to fifteen degrees lower than you would typically feel in the lower elevations in the lower elevation areas of Georgia.

Two: Probably one of the biggest benefits of trout fishing in the North Ga. mountains is the benefit of eating one of the healthiest and best tasting fish one can eat. It is a known fact among the medical community that eating fish is a healthy choice, and most medical industry professionals will agree that the best fish are cold water fish which is a feature of fresh rainbow trout caught out of the cold mountain waters of the North Ga. mountains. Trout anglers are limited to a quantity of eight trout per day, but ranging in sizes averaging twelve plus inches, eight rainbow trout yields enough quality fish meat for several nice fish dinners.

The standard method for cooking rainbow trout is to place them in aluminum foil, squeeze fresh lemon juice, a dab of butter, and sprinkle in some salt, pepper, or Old Bay seasoning, then wrap the aluminum foil up, and toss them either on a grill, or bake in a oven till done. If you have never had grilled or baked rainbow trout, it is a must try.

Three: A third benefit of trout fishing in the North Ga. mountains, is the exercise. I call trout fishing a mildly rugged, mostly horizontal hike. Depending on where you choose to fish, the wading experience can range from a mild easy stroll, to a rugged and often somewhat dangerous hike through rushing waters, and climbing and navigating your way through some fairly tough terrain of large mountain trout streams. Whatever level of complexity of the trout stream you choose to conquer, all of them will yield a great day of outdoor exercise, along with a healthy meal at the end of the journey.

Four: The fourth benefit is one of my personal favorite benefits, and less thought of benefits of Ga. mountain trout fishing is the benefit to the soul, and mental health. One can hardly disagree with the benefit obtained from being outdoors in the cool weather of the North Ga. mountains, with a scenic view that will relax even the most uptight city folks. I personally carry an mp3 player with me, slip on my headphones, and enjoy a peaceful day of great exercise in the fresh cool mountain air. You likely will experience a feeling close to that felt while meditating.

Should you choose to try the highly beneficial sport of trout fishing in the North Ga. mountains, a excellent place to start is in the Chattahoochee river section that flows through the small Alpine village of Helen, Ga., Fairly flat and mild terrain, easy to wade, and very well stocked with both rainbow and brown trout, makes the stretch of this river through Helen, Ga., a perfect spot to begin your journey into Ga. mountain trout fishing. Everything in trout fishing especially for this area is light. Use a light action pole, a small fishing reel, a light four to six pound test fishing line, and all light weight lures around 1/8 to ΒΌ ounce spinner baits such as the Mepps naked gold.

The trout in these rivers all over the North Georgia mountains love large night crawlers, crickets, spinners, and corn. I would suggest if you are just starting out to go with night crawlers, a tube of live crickets, and a can of corn. If their biting, nine times out of ten one of these baits will yield your limit within a few hours. Start with a inexpensive pair of waders, a cheap fishing vest with plenty of pockets is a huge plus for keeping all your stuff close to you.

The best way to get good at trout fishing is to just jump out there in the streams, and start fishing. You will meet other anglers most of which are more than willing to tell you what works for them. Within a very short period of time you will learn all the little tricks, and most likely catch the trout fishing bug, and will get a lifetime of enjoyment, and superior health benefits from your new found sport.

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