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Gaining Airsoft Experience

Updated on February 9, 2013

Why You Need Experience

To be successful in anything, you have to dive right in and start accumulating experience. The more experience you have, the better you become. This is a natural quality of humans and many other animals. When you are exposed to something, you both consciously and subconsciously learn things, and on the subconscious side, you make subtle connections that you are not even aware of.

Because of the importance of experience, I advise you to get out there and play as much airsoft as you can. Once you have a fair amount of experience, you will find that you are playing better than when you first started, and due to the nature of experience, this should not be surprising.

You should also own multiple airsoft guns.  This will help you acquire experience in different areas, which is always a good thing.

How to Get Airsoft Experience

The easy answer to the question of "How do I get airsoft experience?" is to play the game. But experience is more than that. You also need to do a fair amount of alone practice, both with your techniques and your aim. By combining team and solo play, you can become better at a faster rate.

In addition, you should also work on acquiring as much knowledge as you can. Consider getting a subscription to an airsoft magazine, or a similar thing. By reading about airsoft, you can draw even more connections, and learn things that you did not even think existed.

Try to use multiple types of airsoft guns.  By using a variety of pistols and airsoft rifles, you can ensure that your skills will increase in multiple areas.

Zombie Airsoft Game

Target Practice

Target practice is usually thought of something relegated to shooting ranges for pure joy. But it is also something that must be done to improve your accuracy. By focusing purely on target practice, you can become a better shooter without having to worry about the other aspects of airsoft.

Of course, one key difference between regular target practice and an airsoft game is that in airsoft, all of the targets are moving! Thankfully, there are ways to practice shooting with moving targets. You can purchase a system that has such mobile targets, but such systems are usually small. Another alternative is to build a larger mechanical system that uses ropes to pull targets along, but that can be expensive and time-consuming to build.

The best way to practice is to have a friend hold up a target and move around while you try to shoot. They should be well protected so when they inevitably get hit by misses, it doesn't hurt so much. Although, when I was younger, we used to shoot at each other for fun, and getting hit was part of the fun. So if someone else is willing to do that, you're in luck for practice!


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