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How to Gain Speed Some Football Training

Updated on September 19, 2014

Why is it Necessary?

You would ask how would this help me? Why is this necessary if I got the skill I would be okay going on in my football career right? Of course if your skill translates well but it would be more likely that you get a better rating based on how fast you can run. One part of this scenario is attending camps and gaining a very fast 40 yard dash. This would right away impress scouts or coaches. I know football players who were not skilled who got scholarships at major D-1 scholarships based solely off of their times. The last part is your on the field speed. If you notice the best conference in college football is the South Eastern Conference. This conference is known for it's physicality, but the conference main attribute is speed. The Big 10 is known for its size but not the speed of the conference so they are often overlooked and for good reason. Oregon is the top program and is highly rated based on their speed. Speed is not the overall evaluation of an athlete that teams and their scouts observe but it is vital to their impression. Everyone in the NFL is fast so a few seconds or a little added speed can be the difference in you making a team or losing your career.

Leg Power

First thing you need to focus on is the strength in your legs. You must focus on getting your legs strong and durable for the hard runs required in the game of football. Squats and Leg presses are vital here. You need powerful legs to dig into the grass or turf and make sharper cuts possible. The main focus is to gain an initial burst which is what you would need in football more than overall speed. If I can plant my feet in the ground and take off through a hole a few seconds faster than I did before I will become a more effective runner. It also helps with make up speed for defensive players who messes up on their technique and has to make a hard step to recover. What do I do to increase this. You must first gain overall strength in your lower legs. You can do some leg presses in large amounts to gain more explosiveness. Squats also help you gain in this area. The more explosiveness you come up on your squats (with or without weights) the more you get use to exploding. Lastly, this helps with your initial step on your 40 yard dash. Your burst will gain valuable seconds by getting you to your top speed earlier in the dash. You can see some explosive training drills in the video below.



The next important thing in helping you gain speed is to be flexible. The more flexible you are the longer you are able to stride out on your runs. It also helps with our physical well being. If we are flexible we are less likely to have muscle tears and some of the more basic injuries. It won't stop freak injuries such as a bad step or a broken bone, but it will provide stronger muscles and longer training sessions. You can achieve flexibility by many means such as, yoga, constant stretching, and even dance. You see many athletes such as Kobe, Lebron, and even wrestlers doing such things to gain flexibility. So make sure you stretch and gain this so we can continue our training

Some Workouts

Warm Up drills
Dynamic Stretches
Speed Kills
Neck flexion/ extension
Heel Kicks
Lateral Flexion
Toes In, Toes Out
Shoulder Circles
Trunk Twist
High Knee Skips
Ankle Bounce
To know what each drill entails follow this website:

Speed Drills

Now we can focus on some of the natural speed drills. You have your practical sprints such as the 20 yd and the 40. You can add a 100 but it is not necessary unless you are doing track. We want to focus on burst so the 20 yard dash would be vital to us. If you have a rather slow 20 yd dash time it could affect your 40 or your overall speed on the field. We are focusing on how fast your initial reaction because that is one thing we can most directly improve on. There is nothing that can make you run faster than just flat out running over and over again. Now we can focus on break drills such as the M drill or L drill. You place the cones in a M formation and back peddle to one cone explode off that cone forward and repeat creating and M. The L drill is based on your basic cut and focuses on how fast you are able to break out on the cone. The most important part of this drill is to focus on cutting tight off the cone to reduce rounding out on our technique. This increases your ability to cut up field or break on an incoming pass. There are many other drills that can help with such things such as the mirror drill in which you are expected to mimic a partners moving staying with them step for step. This drill increases your reaction time. Your reaction can cause a break out of your 40 or break on a cut that you might not had made previously.



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Be Sound and Healthy

The most important thing to all of this is for you to be healthy. You must eat and train right for all of the things you have read to take advantage. If you are gaining the wrong kind of weight do you think you can actually get faster or train as long. Meats are important especially the healthier kind such as steaks, fish, and baked chicken. Vegetables are said to increase vision which would help your technique. If your footwork is great you would need your speed less. If you know how to put a press or read your blocks speed is not as important. Having speed is just an advantage that gives you that extra on plays in which you make mistakes. For example if I get beat on a double move a half a second is the difference between an interception or a TD.

Skittles Okay for him! He A Beast!

We are All a Team

Your Thoughts

These are some things that helped me become a decent HS football player and excellent Athlete. I had no athletic ability at all when I first started so I know the hard work it takes just to be decent. So I just wanted some techniques you, your friends, or your children can use to get that extra advantage in any sport not just football. It's hard work to be great at any craft just because you have the ability doesn't mean you have molded it the best you can. What are your thoughts? Do you have any extra drills or things that I am not aware of. If so lets help these athletes be all they can be not just with this article (on the field) but outside also therefore we have to start young.


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