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Updated on December 23, 2013


Gambling is seen as a dirty word,yet councils are granting licence to open new betting shops on high streets where there are more than enough shops already.Punters are expected to manage themselves from financial ruin,treat the gambling as entertainment and fun,not to get addicted and seek help if necessary.

Children as young as 15 years old enter betting shop pretending to be older,claim to have left ID at home.Betting shops display the rules and regulations which is a legal requirement,advising punters of the dangers of addiction,offering help to overcome addiction while opening more and more shops in areas where there is high unemployment.

There is a very thin line between investment,stock market,hedge fund and gambling.Banks and bankers have gambled away trillions of pounds in the name of investment,brought down the world to its knees still keeping their bonuses in tact.

Bankers get rewarded for their failures whereas ordinary punter who gamble his or her meagre income of few hundred pounds a week gets penalised every day for their failed attempt to win money at betting shop.

All the advice given by Government,Councils and gambling industry is mere lip service. Evidence suggest that turn over in gambling in high unemployment area is 4times higher than that in low unemployment area.

Gambling addiction.

Gambling addiction is widespread amongst the unemployed,low paid workers and pensioners.They believe that winnings from gambling can supplement the shortfall in the income.The advertisements promoting gambling is widespread,tempting and misleading.

The Government should take steps to curb advertisements promoting gambling in line with cigarette advertising.The promotion materials ,TV advertising,online campaigns are inviting young children to start gambling at an early age.

Those who are addicted to gambling very rarely accept that they are addicted.How will they seek help unless they accept they are addicted.Self exclusion is promoted by betting shops as a way to control addiction.This method is ineffective.People who sign self exclusion in one shop can go to other shops few doors away to gamble.

It is very painful when you hear people say that they lost tens of thousands of pounds and continue to gamble with the hope that they can win all the money back.It will never happen.People have been violent to their wives or partners resulting in community survice as punishment by court order.

Guiding Facts.

I have been studying the gambling habits for about three years with the aim of promoting controlled gambling.I have created a rapport with a few punters and have created a pilot project.

The controlled gambling can only be achieved by accepting certain facts.They are:

1.Gambling is a tried and tested system aimed at profiting the business and not the punters.

2.No one can get rich gambling.

3.It is an illusion to believe you can beat the system at any games.Odds given at horse racing,dog racing,sports and virtual racing are designed to favour the betting industry.

4.The roulette is a game where you can lose 100 pounds every 3 seconds.

5.There are no lucky days or unlucky days.

Bright Side

It is not all gloom as presented so far.Bright side can only created through sheer discipline.Every punter who go to betting shop do not lose all the money at once.Every one win at some point but do not stop when they are ahead.My believe is "You can win what you need but cannot win what you want".

Game Machines.

Game machines can take from 20p to 100pounds.In roulette ,for a 100pounds stake the maximum pay out is 500 pounds.This looks attractive but it works out to 4/1 odds .You can also lose 500pounds in 5spins which will take less than a minute.


Gambling is an illusion.You can compare this to a mirage in a desert.From a distance you can see water but when you get closer there is nothing.Do not get carried away by the promotion by the gambling industry.

Golden Rules.

1.Keep a separate bank account for gambling.

2.Deposit any amount you can afford without compromising your or family needs.

3.Play as little as 50p stake.Make sure to leave the shop as you win even 50p and pay the winnings into the account.Pay the money you win every time.

4.Never borrow money to gamble because it is hard to repay if you lose.

5.Never chase losses.

6.Be courteous to the staff and other punters.

7.Do not believe that you are cleverer than the gambling industry.


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