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Gambling 101 - What Is Gambling and How To Gamble Well

Updated on May 4, 2013

This is a topic that is close to my heart

I have spent quite a bit of time gambling over the past 20 years. The amounts of money that I have witnessed passing hands has been staggering at times. There are quite a few people in this world, including myself that have won and lost small fortunes while making a wager. If you look hard enough, there is usually some sort of large betting going on near you right now, it's just kept pretty hush hush. You will find golf courses, pool halls, bowling alleys, and of course casinos all play host to major action from time to time. There is always some one with more money than sense, and never a shortage of willing sharks to help said person out with their ego adjustment. The activity is a shady one by nature, but presents a truly golden opportunity for many different types of people.

All gamblers fit into one

of those two categories. There are winners and losers in every competition, and gambling is no different. In gambling the winner is called a shark, while the loser is called a fish. The shark is an opportunist. Most of them are frowned upon by society, due to the dishonest nature of a large quantity of high dollar gambles. For the most part, a shark will do anything to win, including use psychological manipulation to reach their goal of parting a sucker with their hard earned cash. There are a rare few winning gamblers who are winners that don't fit into this description and resort to these tactics, however, they are few and far between. It's a dirty business, period.

The fish are a totally different type of person. Surprisingly to me, there are millions of people out there who seem to be glutting for punishment as far as I can tell. They are people whose egos outweigh their reason, which usually leads them into trouble in gambling. Although, if you ask me, it doesn't stop there. Most times this attitude has gotten the fish into trouble before, but they refused to learn their lesson. They continue to write checks with their mouth that their behinds can't cash, and in gambling, that's a recipe for a large loss of money. Many people have sympathy for this type of person. Not me. I can empathize with the feeling of loss or the the sadness related to the consequences of making a bad decision, but I don't sympathize with any person who refuses to learn their lesson. You pay the cost to be the boss in this world, and gambling is no different. Any person who lays it on the line in sound mind made a choice to take a risk, and loss is part of taking risks. This is the nature of gambling.

So, how do you win at gambling?

Good question. Winning requires a combination of efforts. It takes intelligence, discipline, cunning, and heart. Most winners are students of the game they compete in. They learn the intricacies and finer points of the game or sport. Then they use this knowledge to help them make wise choices about how and when to invest in a gamble. Essentially, it's not much different than any other business venture.You learn as much as you can and then use that knowledge to outperform the competition. Of course, that's not all there is to winning at gambling. However, it is the bottom line.


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    • rclinton5280 profile imageAUTHOR

      Robert Clinton 

      3 years ago from Greensboro, NC

      Thank you for commenting, Colleen. It definitely takes skill to win at gambling.

    • Colleen Swan profile image

      Colleen Swan 

      5 years ago from County Durham

      I don't gamble myself, but I understand the skill that is needed if one is to be a winner.


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