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Games in ccp

Updated on August 17, 2016


Games are essenssial part of life.They keep a man physically fit.


Cricket is most common game in CCP.Cadets use to play cricket every sunday.Tournaments are held every week.Cadets are very fit and use to play this game in very cool manner.

This is cricket team of CCP.And cricket ground in ccp.


There are 6 basketball courts in CCP.Cadets use to play basketball daily during sports time.Last time cadets won the intercollegate of basketball.This is very good game to keep a man physically strong.

These are courts of basketball in CCP.


This is also popular game in ccp.Cadets use to play this game during sports time.They enjoy this game very much.

Best player for 2016-17 is shared between these two players.

Other games.

Other games which are common in ccp are Hockey,Badminton,Table tennis,Squash,Tennis and snooker.


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    • Khalid Chaudhary profile image

      Khalid Chaudhary 17 months ago

      CCP is the abbreviation of Cadet College Palandari.