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Updated on March 8, 2016

Jharkhand Based Indian Captain M.S. Dhoni has taken India Test Cricket team captaincy in 2008. In the same year, India cricket team led victories in New Zealand and West Indies. In 2008, 2010 and 2013, Indian Cricket team led so many victories for the country including Border Gavaskar Trophy and T20 World cup. All the key victories of Indian Cricket Team came to the account of M.S. Dhoni’s captaincy. The captain cool, the Man of Steel, has also weathered some sort of controversies including IPL fixing in his professional life. In December 2014, M.S. Dhoni announced his retirement from test crickets. What is the future of Captain Cool? Let’s find out by the help of professional astrologers of

Date of Birth of Mahendra Singh Dhoni is 7th July, 1981. He has born with Virgo Ascendant. In his natal chart, three important planets, Jupiter, the Moon and Saturn are placed in their places. Their placement indicates that, he is really very intelligent, brilliant and excellent strategy maker. He has a brilliant leadership quality. These three planets indicate that, Dhoni is the man on mission. His mind is full of innovative ideas which are restricted with certain boundaries itself. According to his planetary movements, he is calm and composed, but from inside, he has an uncontrolled intensity in his mind.

Venus conjunction with Rahu in 11th house of his natal chart makes him so much stylish, popular, composed and well known. Their conjunction also makes him so much successful, popular, fortunate and healthy. Mercury, the Lord of 10th house is placed in its own sign Gemini. The conjunction of Mercury with Sun makes him sharp communicator, master strategist, clever and versatile leader in all aspects of game. In 3rd house, the transiting Saturn is passing through. It gives some sort of negative impacts in Dhoni’s natal chart.

Based on the above predictions, the team of professional astrologers of predicts the fortunate of M.S. Dhoni. In coming future, M.S. Dhoni will lead Indian Cricket Team with his full effort and potential. His complete efforts and contributions will help Indian Cricket Team to win some great matches in future. Presence of Rahu in 12th house will cause Dhoni to face so many criticisms in his coming future. However, the Dasha period of Rahu-Venus will help him to overcome from this threat.


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