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Gear Review: REI Pillow Stuff Sack

Updated on August 18, 2015

This is quite possibly the best piece of backpacking gear I've purchased. I'm one of those guys that needs a big firm pillow. Hiking with a large pillow creates a problem. That's where this stuff sack comes along. One of the things we look for in gear is versatility. Can this item do more than one thing? In this case, the stuff sack does double duty. We used the stuff sack to store my clothes. The beauty of the stuff sack is when it's turned inside out, it is a huge pillow. The firmness depends on how much I stuff inside it.

I slept on the stuff sack pillow for 4 nights recently. It was a trial and error type adventure every night. By the third night, I'd found a good balance of firmness and fullness. I also found that socks and t shirts make the best stuffing to sleep on.

Overall I love this versatile piece of equipment. It's very affordable and does more than one thing. I call that a win.

The specs

It comes in two sizes: 15 Liter and 25 Liter

The small version allows 915 cubic inches of space, while the large offers 1526 cubic inches.

Material(s): Nylon/polyester fleece

Dimensions: 8x18 inches and 10x20 inches

Weight: 5 ounces and 7 ounces

When you turn the sack inside out, you are left with the fleece side. It's incredibly soft and great to sleep on. Since I bought the large one, it's a huge sleeping save for your head.

The Price

It is a great deal at $11.50 for the small and $13.50 for the large. In my opinion it's a great value.

What's Your Opinion?

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Where to buy it

You can buy it here.

Or purchase the Thermarest version ($18.95) here.

Thermarest stuff sack video review


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