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Geocaching Safety Tips

Updated on February 29, 2012

Geocaching- an outdoor activity where you find hidden containers using a GPS device and your own ingenuity- can be a lot of fun for individuals, friends or family. But while geocaching can be a blast, you should pay attention to some simple safety tips while you're out.


Weather forecasts are your friend. Not only should you keep an eye out for snow and rain, but keep an eye on the temperature. You may not want to march through the woods if it's sweltering with 85% humidity. Also, check the description of the cache. Some caches won't be accessible when there's snow on the ground, for example.


The type of terrain you'll be dealing with will vary quite a bit depending on the difficulty of the cache. Stay conscious of cliffs, hills, rivers and uneven ground. Also keep in mind that the quickest route to the cache isn't always the safest. It may be tempting to go in a straight line and watch the numbers on your GPS device tick closer and closer to your goal, but this isn't always the best idea.

Plants and Wildlife

Get to know what kind of plant-life is in your area. Watch out for briars and any plant that can cause an allergic reaction, such as Poison Ivy or Poison Sumac.

You should also know what kind of animals live in your area. In general, wild animals will give humans a wide berth, but it always pays to be safe. Avoid disturbing any wildlife you may come across.

Knowing your Limits

Not every cache is right for everyone. Especially if you have small children with you, know that some caches may not be a good fit for your outing. Most caches will have a difficulty rating attached to them. Remember that geocaching is about exploration, discovery and, most importantly, having fun. There's no reason to go somewhere you feel uncomfortable, or that may be dangerous.


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