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Bundesliga Advertising

Updated on September 11, 2016

Ever wonder what all those commercials that appear on the side of the soccer pitch were? During every soccer game there are running advertisements that constantly change. Many of them are the main sponsors, of course, such as Budweiser, Castrol and Yingli Solar to name a few, but when certain teams play, more of the advertisements are directed toward their own countries. The German Bundesliga (the professional league of soccer teams) is no different. But not only that, each team has a logo or two on their shirts which also have (sometimes) a German ownership. Here then, are the German products advertised during Bundesliga matches.


Continental Tires: Based out of Hannover, Lower Saxony, Continental Automotive Systems is a leading tire company with millions of dollars in sales here in the United States. For over 140 years, Continental started with production of vulcanized rubber, fabrics, and solid tires. The first company to manufacture pneumatic tires for bicycles, they also created the first tire to have a patterned tread on it. In its history, Continental has created the largest hose factory in Europe and currently has more than 2000 tire retailers and franchises in 19 European countries while expanding into Argentina, Mexico, South Africa, Brasil and the United States.


Haseröder: A brewery from Eastern Germany, in Wernigerode, Saxony-Anhalt, Hasseröder was founded in 1872 with a different name, and is today owned by Anheuser Busch, the makers of Budweiser. It is one of the fastest growing beer companies in Germany and one of its largest.


Beck’s: Known as Brauerei Beck und Co, this brewery was founded in 1873 and is located in the north German city-state of Bremen. The world’s most popular and best selling German beer, it is sold throughout the world. In its history, Beck’s is the first company to use green bottles and steel kegs to transport and bottle its beer. Beck’s logo is famous as well, using the same image as the Bremen coat of arms, a silver key on a red shield. Often overshadowed by its close neighbor, Hamburg, which is the largest port in Europe and has a large gate for its coat of arms. Bremen often cites their unofficial motto, "Hamburg has the gate, but we have the key!" One can see this on every bottle cap of Beck’s beer.

Adidas and Puma

Puma and Adidas: Two of the more interesting German entrepreneurs are Adi Dassler (1900–1978) and Rudolf Dassler (1898–1974) who together founded the Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik shoe company in Herzogenaurach. After the brothers had a disagreement and separated, Adi created the world famous Adidas from ADI DASler. In the 1936 Olympics, Jesse Owens wore Adidas shoes. In the 1954 World Cup, known as The Miracle of Bern in Germany, the German team beat the excellent Hungarian team in a rain soaked final. The key, according to legend, was Adi’s new soccer shoes with new screw-in cleats. While the Hungarians slipped and slogged through the mud, the Germans changed their cleat size at half-time and were able to score the winning goal. Adi’s brother, Rudolf Dassler, founded his own separate shoe company, PUMA in 1948. One can see the PUMA logo on most jerseys of every team on the pitch


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