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Get More Fish in the Dark with Glowing Gear

Updated on November 1, 2014

Those who love night fishing know the importance of light source. Light source is necessary for monitoring the rod tip for which area lights are impractical because they keep the fish away from the spot and reduce fishermen’s night vision, thus making it difficult for them to see in low light conditions. In such cases, glow sticks are of great use to night-fishermen. Glow sticks are of different colors. You can experiment with different colors. Generally green is preferred by anglers, because it is easily marked.

Anglers exercise lots of styles of using glow sticks for night fishing among which you can choose according to your choice.

Generally, 8-inch glow sticks are quite comfortable, because they can be easily marked from a distance and are cheaper. There are many methods too to attach glow sticks to your gear and some anglers find out their own methods too.

Types of glow sticks used for night fishing

Generally two types of glow sticks are used for nighttime fishing.

  1. One of them is a tube which slips over the line and gets secured near the hook. It illuminates the bait.
  2. The other type has an open hook or loop so that you can clip it to the end of your rod. This helps you identify easily when there is a bite; otherwise it is nearly impossible to see the rod tip in the dark.

You can use these glow sticks in your own style and as per your convenience. Glow sticks also attract more fish at night.

To attach to the rod tip

Attach the glow stick to the tip of your rod using two tapes or zips. If you trim the end of the zips, you can use them multiple times, by just pulling out the old glow stick and inserting a new one. Glow sticks are great for realizing the light bites which don’t draw a clicker.

To attach to the handle

When there is no rod holder, you can attach a glow stick on the handle. It gives you sufficient light so that you don’t have to stomp all across your rod. And if the glow sticks are kept close to the reel, you even come to know its position precisely when you hook in a fish.

Fishing Lures That Glow

To attach to floats

When you fish at night with floats, you can attach glow sticks to them. Depending on their types you can insert the glow sticks inside them or attach with tapes or zips, or wrap around them. Big sticks are even used themselves as bobbers.

It is an experience of seasoned anglers that squids are very much attracted to glow sticks. And there are many other delicious species too drawn in more when you use glow sticks. Use them and enjoy a feast of calamari and many other fried fish!

Night Fishing Adventures


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    • u-turn profile image

      Arthur George Rettell jr. ( 5 years ago from AZ. STATE

      You said. You ever try a GLOW IN THE DARK "CONDOM" Been known to get some fish faster in the dark as well. If you can not find any, use a glow stick. As it doubles for flash light also.

    • 1st Choice profile image

      1st Choice 5 years ago from Lake Erie, Lake Ontario,and the Niagara River

      Great information fot those who didn't know. Lust 1 other thing.

      Glow in the dark jigs, Glow inthe dark Lures. Its so fun when 1st Making the stuff but when you catch a quality fish on this equipment that you have made makes it that much more exciting.

      Thanks Captain Randy Lingenfelter